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Hi this is Megan with and today I'm going to show you how to use one of these beading ring findings with loops and some beads to make a bobble style ring This one is done with a slightly different type of finding that goes with the loops across and I'm going to mine with the loops in the front I'm also going to use some smaller beads give it a little bit less of a chunky look but its the same basic principle for any of these ring findings that have the loops on them so you'll just need to have some head pins and some beads I'm using these fun swarovski faux pearls in this nice summer resort colors so you're going to take your beads and I've counted the loops. I have seven loops. I'm gonna put two beads per loop you can kind of experiment and see how far you can push it if you want it to be really full you might want to see how many you can fit. I'm just gonna put to per loop. See if I can do that so all you're going to do is take each bead place that on a head pin and then you're just gonna create a simple wire loop after the bead than my favorite way to do that is with the wire looping pliers put the pliers next the end of the bead use just the tip because I want the loops to be smaller and then just push down bring the end the head pin around then you're gonna rotate your pliers bring the end of the head pin around to complete the loop and then use a pair of flush cutters to trim the excess off once you have your beads put on the head pin go through and start putting them on the loops on the ring form use a pair of chain nose pliers to open the ring a little more to open the loop a little more and then place it through the loop on the finding use the pliers to open up like I said I'm gonna go ahead and try to fit two on each loop the different ways that you can play with that and use different sizes of beads, different colors or how many you put is going to change the way that the ring looks in the end you might have to figure out the best way to get them on if they both go on one side easier go and work loop by loop fit them in wherever you want them in there so once you get all of your little dangles attached to the loops on the ring base you can see the difference when you use a smaller bead. It gives it more of a dangling pom pom kind of an effect where you can see them moving around and see the base versuses you use a larger beads in there and then you're gonna get more of a sturdy bobble look. So that's completely up to what you prefer yourself That is the basic technique of how to make a ring like this.

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