How to Use the Speeder Beader Needle

SKU VID-0336
Designer: Julie Bean
If you love beading with beading wire but are frustrated with not having a needle to place your beads on, then the Speeder Beader Needle is for you! It has a hollow core that allows you to place the beading wire into the needle and then string the beads just as if you were using a needle and thread.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and today I'm going to show you how to use this Speeder Beader needle and try to say that fast ten times this is the Speeder Beader needle and when you get it it's going to come in a package like this and the way you read this is that it's color coded so the cap is indicative of what size Soft Flex or beading wire you're going to use with it. So here I have a green cap cap so this is going to be .019L inches and that's going to be the beading wire I actually pulled some here that is .019L you just match up the one here still in the package has a black cap so this goes to .01L that's how you read that and order the create size so if you're familiar with stringing here i've got a length of beading wire. Again the .019L I put a little bead stopper on the end traditionally what you would do to get your beads on is you would take your beading wire and just put it directly through the hole and this works perfectly fine but it can be time-consuming and tedious too if you're doing a really long necklace or other type of project So the Speeder Beader needle is great because it has a hollow core to it so you're going to take you're beading wire and you're going to put it in at a forty five degree angle into this little slot right here and watch what happens you push it all the way in. So it's a hollow needle and what that does is it grabs the beading wire and now you can go ahead and just use it as a needle to put your beads on. It goes really quick and easy It save a lot of time and it's very fun to use as well It's going to stay in there. It might pull out a little bit, just push it right back in and as long as you're holding your needle like this or like this your probably gonna be okay you won't want to drop it it will come out. So you want to make sure that end of your jewelry project is on a flat surface so that it takes the weight but if it does pop out you just go ahead and put it right back in now the big advantage to this is you know that traditionally if you have a needle you're going to put it through the eye then it's gonna be doubled which is going to create quite a bit more thickness which makes it hard to go through a small hole in a bead so this is perfect because it just has that single thickness to it and it's really easy to use so that's just a quick demonstration of the Speeder Beader needle and how easy it is to use and I hope you've enjoyed this quick and easy video

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