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Hi this Julie with and I'm going to show you how to finish memory wire. So here I have a memory wire bracelet what's great about it keeps it's shape. You can see it's got this wonderful coil shape to it and all you need to do to create a bracelet with it is to finish off the ends so here is some memory wire without beads it just has that nice coil shape I'm going to show you three different ways that you can finish your ends after you've added all your beads so the first way and probably the easiest is to just make a little loop at the end of your memory wire. So I've got some wire looping pliers here put the wire in it and twist around and we have a loop and that will secure your beads from falling off and then you have something that you can add a little dangled to that's one way another way is with these little crimp beads that have a loop already attached I'm going to do that on the other end so to work with these what you're going to do is just pop it on there take your crimping pliers now we're not going to crimp up near the loop because you run the risk of actually hurting the loop itself so what you're going to want to do just crimp down at the bottom You're just going to crimp down like usual there you go and that's gonna stay on there securely so the third and final way I want to show you and this way looks very clean is using one of these little end caps it's got a little hole in it on one side and then it's nice the round ball to apply these your going to take some GS Hypo cement put it on the wire itself take one of these little guys, find the hole and press onto place and then we're just gonna let that dry. It's going to dry solid So those are three separate options on how you can finish memory wire it will allow you to make it great piece memory wire jewelry

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