How To Use Beadsmith's Jump Ring Opener

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Designer: Andrea Morici
Beadaholique's Andrea shows us a new and easy way the open and close jump rings. Open and close jump rings with ease and free up a hand! With this convenient tool, using jump rings will be a snap--especially during marathon chain maille projects!
Audio Transcript
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Hi this is Andrea from In this video I'm going to demonstrate a nifty little tool called the Jump Ring Opener. This is made by the Bead Smith and it slide right out of the packaging. What this is it's just a ring that you slip on either your finger or I like to put it on my thumb. And it has different size grooves in it. Different sizes correspond with the different gauges of wire. So really just insert your jump ring in whatever slot is the most comfortable. So like I said I like to put this on the thumb right there. And what this tool is specially handy for is chain mail. With chain maille you need to start with either all of you jump rings opened or closed or half and half. So if you need to do multiple jump ring openings this tool is essential. So like I said I just put it on my thumb. Take my jump ring with the slot facing upward. I'm going to grab one half with my bent nose pliers insert it in to the notch there and just twist like that. That's all there is to it. So once you get going it makes things so much more quick and easy and also you can close jump rings obviously. And that's it. That is the Bead Smith Jump Ring Opener from Go to for all of your beading supplies needs!

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