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Hi this Megan with and today I'm going to show you How to do Captured Bead Chain Maille I'm doing one that uses ten millimeter eighteen gauge opened jump rings, just a regular silver plate and I'm using eight millimeter round beads I did also try this with a six millimeter round bead and a eight millimeter jump ring that one was a nineteen gauge as far as getting the beads to fit in there just from my limited experimentation that I did I found that if you had two or three millimeters of size difference between your bead and the jump ring that seemed to work pretty well the faceted beads only need a couple of millimeters I'm going to show you how to do it with these Swarovski elements gemstone faux pearls and since they don't have facets it's a little tighter it will still work with the two millimeter difference but it's a little bit less fluid the end result you also want to be careful that you don't do too much of the difference between the size of your bead and jump ring because your beads could just fall out so it's one of those tricky chain maille things where you might just need to experiment a little bit but in general if you have two or three millimeters difference it should work so this is actually pretty quick and easy as far as chain maille goes and it's pretty cool because the beads nothing goes through the beads so it's just captured, its just held inside the rings so to start I opened up all of my big jump rings I'm also using two smaller jump rings for the beginning and the end I did that in this one too you could use one I just liked the way that two looked with this particular weave I'm going to start by taking two smaller jump rings that aren't open and placing them on one of the larger jump rings close it up it will save a lot of time if you open all of your jump rings first with this one and then place another large jump ring in your smaller jump rings that's going to be the end there put two jump rings into that last pair here of the jump rings you use now until the end will be the larger size, it's just all one size for the main part of this put another ring in now take your small jump rings at the end and try to hold onto those and you have two sets of two rings above them. The first set of rings put one to either side then open up that next set so that you have two going this way and two going this way take your bead place it in the middle it can be tricky close those rings back around your bead so you'll have one set hugging the bottom part of the bead and one set hugging the top part of the bead and take another ring you're going to catch both of the top rings in this one and close it up add the second one every layer goes on in sets of two. You always have two rings through two rings you always place one and place another one right beside it so you'll do two sets of two before you do every bead, so you're going to take the last two you added, hold them together do another layer on top of that again you're going to add a second ring right beside the last one and you're going to hold on the piece you have and open up your jump rings place the bead down hold the jump rings up and here the top rings might get stuck inside the bottom two from before just lift it out. You want these two to be outside these ones from before so that they can open out at the bottom hold that in place go through both of those top rings with the new ring close it up you can always place second ring right beside the first Then put your next ring through those last two and place another one right beside that one when you have your two groups of two rings open them out, one and then the second place your bead in the middle and close them back up over the bead catch both rings with the new ring I'll show you just one more time it's really pretty simple once you get the hang of it put your second ring side by side with that first one grab both of the last two with a new ring and then add the next one right next to it open them both up add the bead You have to lift a little sometimes close up and to end all you're gonna do is add two rings at the end just like at the beginning or just one if you want for this one It's going to be a smaller ring I've got them sitting open ready because I knew I wanted to use them that way you could use just one I'm going to add a second one and you can just add your findings, your clasp whatever you want to use to finish your piece just right onto those jump rings there and you can see that with the the non faceted beads it's a little bit less fluid then with the faceted beads because they're a little larger but it is still pretty flexible so it's still definitely works with non-faceted

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