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Hi, this is Julie with and I'm going to show you how to do a Byzantine Chain Maille Weave and this here's an example. This is a bracelet using the byzantine weave it's really pretty from all sides, almost forms a slightly squared off pattern and you see these rings they're going in opposite directions that form a really pretty pattern I want to show you how to do this I picked up some artistic wire chain maille rings and these are specifically for chain maille and what helps is they actually show you on the top of the package the inner diameter and the gauge and then if you were to turn over this package it's going to give you a handy develop chart for some of the more popular weaves like dragon scale, european 4-in-1, the turkish round it's gonna show you what size range in gauges you need and I said what inner diameter you're not familiar with terms like inner diameter and aspect ratio I would say go ahead and that google those terms there's a lot of different information out there explaining the whole mathematics system of chain maille but for this video I really wanna concentrate on the weave itself so you're gonna need a series of open rings and close rings the open ones are just open jump rings. Open them the same way you would with any other jump ring and for the purpose of this video I used two colors, so hopefully you'll be able to see how this works a little bit better I have a scrap piece of wire handy. This was a head pin from a project that did not work out and I've got two pliers and you want to use pliers that you're comfortable with because it is a bit of work to do so let's begin for the byzantine weave it's really helpful if you think of it in terms of pairs of two so I'm gonna take two of my gold rings and again I'm just using two colors for the purpose of the video and I'm going to take an open silver ring and I'm going to put it through the two closed jump rings and then I'm just going to close it up and since we want to think in terms of pairs we need another open jump ring to repeat the exact same process as the other one go through those two close rings close it back up so now we have two sets of two so I want to add a third set. Take a open jump ring go through the two jump rings that I just attached close it. You want to try to close your rings as carefully as possible so that you don't nick the finish. Also you want them to be lined up and closed It'll help if you when you're going further along on this weave if everything was neat and tidy this one here needs a pair so keep the same process go through the two rings I just attached so now fold this we have got three sets of two, two, two and two so now's the first time we really need to go ahead and start to do the weave so what I want you to fold down the last two that you just attached so they almost form a V going in the downward direction I'm going to take an open jump ring This is the hardest part of the entire process just getting this first one on so be patient you might have to redo it a couple times go between the two rings that were the middle section and then we wanna latch on to one of the folded down rings and latch it onto the second folded down ring. This can be a bit tricky to begin with Do what ever you need to do to get this first one on there so we split the top, the middle, what were the middle two and then the folded down ones we latched onto their top parts close this back up repeat the same process because we're thinking in terms of pairs this one needs a match and it's going to be much easier latch that one on remember how I said you needed a scrap piece of wire flip your chain maille over so I was holding it like this, this was the direction I was going from flip it over and basically just gonna mark where my end is because if I was to drop this right now I would have no clue which end I was working from all right so let's go back to where we were working it's not looking like a lot right now. It's hard to see what's happening we're starting to form a little bit of a pattern so what we need to do now is we need to recreate what we started with when we have those three sets of two the easiest way to do that is to take an open jump ring latched onto it to already closed jump rings and latch those onto the top two that you just placed close that up it needs a pair, so take another open jump ring go through all four of those rings close it up this is what we've got so far so now we're gonna repeat that next step where we took the two top rings and we folded them down so they'd be in a V shape pointing downwards and then we're gonna take an open jump ring split the two that are at top so we can go between them latch on the top part of these two rings facing downward in a V shape this can be tricky. It does go a lot faster the more you do it there we go close that one up and we're gonna attach it's matching pair I noticed that I didn't quite get this one closed all the way you can see how it's starting to build a really pretty pattern take an open jump ring link on to it two closed jump rings and then we will link back through the tops of the two rings that we've just attached, so now you've got four on there close that up and repeat we want to just make sure it has a matching pair cause it's always working in twos go through all four and close it up and let's look at what we've got so far you can see how it's building I'm going to do a little bit more here so that you can see the process and then you'll just keep doing it for whatever length you want if you're making a necklace or a bracelet so we've got the three sets of two, set of two, two and two now we have to fold the top two down to form a V take an open jump ring take an open jump ring go through, we want to split those top ones and we want to latch on the top of the two rings which are folded down in the V shape Add a second one here's how it's looking Add two more sets of two so that we have those three sets of tw take an open jump ring link onto it two close jump rings link that to two the one you just attached. You have four on there close it on up take another open one link it through all four and close it and one more time with that folding down to form the V shape so that you can see that process one more time and we're going to fold that down so it forms a V take an open jump ring split that top one go between it and latch on to the top of the two that are folded down and close it add it's matching pair close that one as well You can really see the pattern taking hold now It's really pretty from all different directions. You just keep doing that and the more you go, like I said, It'll get a little bit easier it'll go a little bit faster, you'll figure out what angle that works best for you to try to link those jump rings together and then eventually you will end up with something like this which is a really pretty piece of jewelry and you can make it into a necklace or a bracelet or even earrings whatever you want it to do it's quite nice. It's very flexible it's all done just by interlocking jump rings by using the byzantine chain maille weave

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