How to use Beadsmith Beeswax Thread Strengthening Conditioner

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Designer: Julie Bean
Skill Level: Any Level
In this video see how to use Beeswax Thread Strengthening Conditioner by the Beadsmith. Using thread conditioner on threads such as Nymo helps to strengthen the thread itself and reduce knotting and tangling. This particular product is easy to use and comes in a nice clear plastic case.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with herbal feed smith and it's really easy to use and when you get it comes to this package which will actually show you how to use it as well i'm going to cut a little length of naima thread just snip that off and show you what to do so what's nice about this is it does come in a case so you're not going to actually be touching the beeswax yourself which is really nice because it can get a little bit dirty sometimes if you're constantly handling it you're just going to hold the thread against the container let the tail go into one of the slots and just pull you're pulling it through the beeswax and you can see instantly it got a little bit less curly and when you feel it it is smoother feeling so it's strengthens and conditions the thread and you can do it multiple times if you want to now another thing I really like about this is it does help to prevent knotting so if you do a lot of bead weaving it is nice that it does help it from becoming knotted especially if you're using a really long length but there you go it's nice it's smoother it feels really good and it's just going to glide through your beads again it's Abby's last thread conditioner by the beads net you

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