Show and Tell: Eurotool Nylon Jaw Pliers

SKU VID-1272
Designer: Alexandra Smith
Skill Level: Any Level
In this video, you will see four types of nylon jaw pliers by Eurotool, including the half round and half flat nose, round nose, and chain nose pliers. These pliers are ideal for creating scratch-free wire work. Replacement tips are available for each size and shape of tool.
Audio Transcript
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hi this is Alexandra at beadaholique to sell you the Euro tool nylon jaw pliers these are sold separately but I wanted to show you four different styles here we've got the tapered chain nose a couple different sizes of the round nose pliers and be half left and half round nose plier so there you come with replacement tips and you can see that this one we've been working with at the studio has gotten some wear and tear this plastic that it's made of is soft and that so that it won't scratch the wire these tools are very good for scratch free wire work which I wanted to show you here is a piece of hematite craft wire that I worked a little bit with some regular flat nose pliers and you can see that the coating came off a bit when it was scraping against the metal and so with this 22 gauge green wire I wanted to show you how well this tool works for creating a coil that stays nice and shiny and for that I'm going to begin by also demonstrating how to change out the tip okay so this unscrews like so I'm going to use the metal portion of this tool just to create the beginning of my coil to get it tucked over itself and these are slippery and soft on the plastic end so once I've got my loop they take my flat and grip and coil there's no scraping or scratching happening on that wire so I can create a nice flat solid coil like so it's just one use put these good tools and these are available at thanks for watching you

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