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hi this is Alexandra at beadaholique you how to make a slide not here I have some 2 millimeter round leather cords I'm going to take the two ends and cross them so that the leather lays parallel in the side I'm working with I'll give myself about a six inch tail I'm going to double that back and grip the loop onto the other leather and begin to coil my tail around once twice three and four times let's look at that around four times I'm going to double the tail back underneath those coils head it in the direction I came from and tighten the leather up on itself and you lose a coil in the process that's why I give this off an extra like so tighten it up and you'll see you hit that not move along and allows for adjustability on bracelets or wear whatever jewelry piece you're working on now just to reiterate I'm going to do this side measure my tail again this is just a scrap piece so you'll want to use more for your project I'm going to double back leaving myself about an inch in between doubling back and coiling we dude for you tuck that tail back underneath and this leather works well because it's nice and slick so it sticks to itself and also slides you could probably do this with if nylon or other types of cord as well so there I have my second knot you can see that when I pull them three moves together in the part and when I'm ready I could just snip the end not too close on the leave a little bit out so it doesn't unravel I'm going to want to clip once you know that you have a nice and snug so there's how to make a slide not on leather cord these materials and supplies are all available at badali calm thanks for watching you

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