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Hi. I'm Andrea, senior designer here at Today I'm going to talk about two different kinds of wire loops. The wrapped loop and the simple loop. To make a simple wire loop, You're going to start with a piece of wire or headpin. In this case I'm going to take a piece of pre-cut twenty four gauge artistic craft wire in the gold color. You're going to take your round nose pliers. You're going to grasp the very end of the wire and you're going to twist it away from you until the end of the wire meets back up with the wire again. Then you're going to take your chain nose plier insert it in that loop that you just made and make a little forty five degree bend right there. At this point this is when you're going to add your bead. Then you can make another simple loop at the other end. To make a wrapped wire loop, start with a piece of wire or headpin again. This time I'm going to move down the wire just a little bit. Maybe about an inch down. And using my round nose pliers I'm going to make a ninety degree bend in the wire. You're going to grasp it at the bend and using either my fingers or another pair of pliers, I'm going to use my hands, you're going to wrap it around the outside of the plier. Move it over one turn. Wrap it back over itself. This is the point where you're going to add whatever chain or other wrapped wire loop. So let's say we're going to add this wrapped wire loop to the loop that we are working on. You slide that on at this point. Then using your chain nose pliers, you're going to grasp to loop you're going to finish wrapping the end of the wire around it's self two or sometimes even three times. Using your flush cutters, and always wear safety goggles when you cut wire, trim off the excess wire. There you have it. That's a wrapped wire loop. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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