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Hi. I'm Andrea,'s senior designer. Today I'm going to show you how to turn a bead into a pendant by using a headpin. Say you have a bead that you really like and it has a nice shape like this tear drop but the bead hole goes through it lengthwise and you don't want to thread it on to your work like that. But you'd rather have it hanging like a pendant. To turn this bead into a pendant, you'd simply thread it on to a headpin like that. And you'd make a wrapped wire loop. I'm going to do a wrapped wire loop very quickly but for more in depth instruction, just visit our video on how to make wrapped wire loops. So after you are done making the wrapped wire loop, and I'll just show you a finished version. Then you can thread on to your work like that. Now say you have a bead that you want to turn it into a pendant, but the hole is too large such as this hand blown glass bead. More than likely the headpin would just go straight through. So to remedy that, we would suggest using a spacer such as this daisy spacer. You thread that on to the headpin first then you thread your bead. Then to cap it off, you can either use a bead cap or another daisy spacer. THen you would make another wrapped wire loop. Trim off your excess wire and hang it like a pendant. That's how you turn a bead into a pendant. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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