How to Make Tubular Peyote Stitch Tassel Earrings

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Designer: Alexandra Smith
In this video, you will see from start to finish how to bead weave these earrings using tubular peyote stitch with Miyuki round 11/0 seed beads. You will also see how to create a complementary chain tassel with 2mm rolo chain.
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hi this is Alexandra at beadaholique you how to make tubular peyote stitch earrings using myut around seed beads with a chain tassel so there's my finished piece and here we have some 2 millimeter Rolo chain it's an 11 Oh sized naoki round seed beads these are one of our color palettes that we offer this is a six millimeter bicone ear wire some 20 gauge wire fireline and my tools I've got flush cutters pliers and beef thread snip sorry so to begin I have pre-cut so much fireline about 3 feet here with my size 12 needle on there and what I'm going to do to begin is pick up one black to silver to gold to black to silver and to gold so those are my starting beads I'm gonna pull those down to the end of my thread and leave myself just about an inch of a tail tie a double overhand knot to make my beads into a ring tie once and twice make sure you get in-between the right ones there we go alright so from here I'm going to pick up another black and begin my tubular peyote stitch now we do have a video on this process as well so you may want to visit that but this this the process you go over your next bead and through the one beyond it to create that spiral effect in my design whatever color I'm coming out of that's the one I'll pick up so I'm going to take a gold one and then skip my silver come through the second silver and then kick up a silver skip my black come through my second black and pick up a black skip my gold come through my second gold and pick up a gold skip my first silver come through my second and pick up a silver and that's completed my second round and now I'll start my third skipping over the black stepping up through that second black I'm keeping that tail on just until I have a good beginning to my piece so coming through my second black I'm gonna pick up a black skip my first gold and come through the second skip my first silver and come through the second got a gold on there and after a few rounds of this you'll see how it starts to cinch up on itself and create that tubular effect probably get it to start doing that now if I pull my tension a little bit and see it rounding up I'll take on another black and just keep with this pattern and I can start to get a better grip on it as it curves into itself some people like to start there tubular stitch around a pen or a straw something round you can always do that here's my silver into my black here's my black into my gold so that's the process whatever color you're coming out of that's the one you pick up and you skip skip a bead for each stitch so I'm going to continue my pattern and then once I have a good amount worked up I will come back to show you how to finish that off and add the rest of the components of the earring so here I've worked up about a 3/4 inch portion of tubular peyote stitch it doesn't really matter which beads you've finished with you can work it up to your desired length and then finish it off by tying your thread there we go for good measure I will thread through a couple more beads and do one more knot coming around once and twice all right now I'm gonna weave in my thread one more time and clip it my thread snips go ahead and clip that other tail as well all right so now we're ready to do the chain tassel so for that I'm going to cut some 20 gauge wire about three three inches like so clip that off and with my round pliers I'm going to create an eye pin by coming kind of back toward the back side of my plier this is gonna create maybe at five or six millimeter loop and using that I'm gonna open it up a bit and start to thread my chains on and to get a nice mixed metal effect I'm gonna alternate them gold silver and black and I have three sets of each color these measure one and three-quarter inches for this design and what I wanted to do is make a nice bunched Tassili look so the object is to get this eye of this pin up into the beadwork so that you can't see it my last couple bits on here right and now I see that the loop is just a little bigger than I need it so I'm gonna close it up a little bit with my plier and I'm not super concerned about the shape of the ring loop because it's gonna be hidden in the earrings I'm gonna close it up a little bunch of those chains nice and tight clip my wire well make sure I've got a nice flush tight closer there so once I have all my chains on I'm gonna just tuck it up into the beadwork like so and that gives it a really nice cohesive look good love how this chain mirrors the beads so well and then from there I'm gonna put my six millimeter bead on top that bicone gives it a nice sort of cap effect and then just do a wrapped wire loop to attach it to my you're why I'm gonna make sure I get it the right size as my other one which I did go ahead and latch that on before I coil grip and loop around twice put that extra and here's my second earring these are the spun gold tubular peyote earrings and this project bundle all these tools and supplies are available at you'll be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for all the latest updates thanks for watching you

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