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Hi, this is Julie with on the beginners side but where you're gonna make your own paddle head pins you're gonna make your actual finding and the only thing that's pre-made for you is the actual earring hook so this is a great way of really getting started with why are working and jewelry making so for the wire itself we're gonna be using craft wire it's 20 gauge and we're gonna have a little earring hook that's pre-made and then for the beads I'm using these pretty seed beads to have really an old-world feel to them so if this is the blue here that I'm gonna be using let me pull it forward so you see it's a Czech glass size 6/0 seed bead and has a really pretty finish on it we're also going to be using these tube beads as well in the red now I did pull out some other colors of these seed beads just because I think they're really pretty they've got a very vintage antique look to them even though they are new so let's go ahead and review our tools and then we're going to begin so like most wire projects you have fewer actual supplies than the tools you end up needing a few more tools but fewer supplies so we've got the two types of beads we've got the wire and the earring hook and that's all we're gonna need for jewelry making supplies now for tools you're gonna need a bench block some type of dowel now the one I'm using I put it on my ruler is one inch across so you might even have a pill bottle or something like that at home that you can use you're going to need a round nose plier a cutter a chain nose plier a ruler and a hammer and I'm using a chasing hammer which is one of my favorite hammers for metalworking and wire wrapping so let's go ahead and begin so you see here that we've got these little paddle head pins that we created and you're gonna notice that they are all uneven and I did that on purpose I didn't want this to be a completely uniform piece so to create that even look you have to just kind of let yourself be a little freer and not measure everything out which if you're a person like me sometimes that's hard it's a little easier to have everything precisely measured but we're gonna cut seven links that are somewhere around an inch each okay so there we've got the seven and we're gonna create the paddle head pin part of them first and to do that lay it on your bench block hold it in place and you're gonna tap the end with your chasing hammer and you see that it starts to flatten and you're gonna keep doing that okay so there we have a paddle head pin and to also create some variation I want to also vary the length of that paddle so say on this one here I'm gonna walk up my hammering a little bit more towards my finger so it's a longer paddle okay so you see how that one now it's just a little bit longer this one maybe I'll make a little shorter okay there we go it's important to get those paddles nice and flat because these are head pins you want the bead to stop so it doesn't just go right off the wire so what we're gonna do is we're going to put one of our size 6/0 seed beads on and let it just scoot down so it rests at the base near the paddle and then we're gonna put on another little tube bead and then at this point here in this earring you can see that I made all my loops pretty close to the end of the tube at beads so I can tell I have a little bit too much wire here so I'm just gonna trim it a little bit and I'm just gonna make some wrapped wire loops here a little tricky when you get in there with a shorter amount of wire and then just trim where it Criss crosses and then take your chain nose and just straighten it up okay same thing and actually it's easier if you don't trim that wire first there are you now you'll notice with the seed beads they are Czech glass so there's some variation in size and also in the finish which is nice I actually want another one that's a little bit bigger well and that one came right off my paddle head pin so let's go ahead try to flatten that a little bit more okay now let's see what happens and it stays put that's kind of got that cool organic shape to it too all right our little dangles are done so now we need to go ahead and make the main earring finding itself measure out five inches of your craft wire same gauge as before you're going to want to find the midway point so you can either lay it on here and find the middle or you can eyeball it so here's the middle bring your two halves together to form a V and then line up your ends and if there's any unevenness trim them off so that they're then even and then you can actually use your chain nose pliers as well to make that V just a little sharper now you're going to take your dowel pull your two wires apart because we're wanting to make this nice kind of almost like an inverted to your drop so what we're gonna do is we're gonna put this around the dowel and push on it so that it really pulls out the sides so this is what we've got so we still have that little V right there and then criss cross your wires over the top side so that is the shape we now have and at this point line it up with your other shape and see if it's approximately the same if it is a little bit different you can always squeeze it together so that looks a little bit better now go ahead take your pliers and on one side this is your round nose plier now we're just making a little loop on the other side before we do anything else we're going to slide on all of our dings and because we have that little V they're just gonna rest at the base there so now you can make another little loop on this side and we're just grabbing the tip of the wire between the two noses of our round nose pliers and we're rotating it take our block back and now we're going to lay our piece on it and we're going to work harden and flatten the sides a little bit so it's both decorative and functional eyeball it to your original ones see how you're doing this one is a little bit bigger looking so just go ahead pull your ends together and now at this point we want to make this little curlicue to do that take one side and wrap it around the other side up and over and then down remember this is your piece and it is wire you can do whatever you want with it so you can make it as perfect or imperfect as you want so now with this piece look at the top here what we did we got an extra little swirl in there so to do that go back grab your loop and just bend it on over so now we're gonna do a little bit more work hardening and flattening don't even do this thing right here just pound that down so it stays in place if you want to shape it at all go ahead and shape it and then I can see I want this guy to stand up a little straighter cuz he's what I'm gonna attach my earring hook to let's see what we've got here for our little set I was looking pretty good there looking pretty close not identical it's nearly impossible to get completely identical when you're starting out with wire work and jewelry making so don't beat yourself up if it's not 100% perfect as you do it more it will continue to get more uniform you'll get just more used to how the wire works but definitely you know don't worry too much if it's not 100% identical with like any things like earrings and components it's really part of the charm that it's not ok so let's go ahead and put our earring for God and then we're gonna have a finished pair of earrings and you can decide if you want both loops to face the same direction or a different direction whatever you like and we're done we've finished our little pair of wire wrapped earrings using these really fun old world looking seed beads and to the beads so I hope you enjoyed this tutorial we have others involving wire wrapping techniques and more at you

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