How to Make the Vintaj Cecilia Earrings

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Designer: Julie Bean
Featuring a lovely Vintaj filigree accented with Austrian crystal flat back rhinestones, these festive and flirty earrings are a fun choice for both day and night. Capping off the design are paddle head pins dangling below the filigree.

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and they're in ss7 and then I have these little paddle head pins with some Swarovski crystals that are four millimeter around and here are my base ingredients for this guy here I've got those paddle head pins the filigree the earring hook the flat backs and the rounds and then I'm also gonna be using a magical pick a wire looping plier a chain nose plier a cutter some Chia's hypo cement and a vintaj relief block and then over here to the side you'll know I have some other really pretty vintage pieces these are part of their new art collection so I did just want to pull these out to show you how pretty they are and actually you could even sub a piece like this for this one here make a really big pair of earrings so you can take the same technique I'm going to show you here and use it on a lot of different pieces by vintage so for our actual earring I'm gonna start by taking our relief block and we're gonna sand over the top surface and what that's gonna do is it's gonna pull off some the shiny brass below it just brings out some of the detail now for this particular one I want to make sure that the entire rim is nice and shiny so I'm going to specifically focus on that and just work my way around so that's ready and really quickly before I continue with this project I want to show you a nice before and after with another piece here so you see this one here it does have a lot of detail that's hard to see I'm just taking that relief block and going over it ever so slightly you really can pull out that detail it's just a quick tip just something you can do with a lot of your pieces so there's a nice contrast there we put those aside and continue with our project so we're going to first use the GS hypo cement and what's really nice about this filigree is it's got these swirls here and I'm just going to put a crystal in the center of each of the swirls so you'll notice when you take off your cap this is one we've used before but has this long pin that goes into it and that keeps it from spilling over you'll always end up with like a little bit of glue on the tip you can just take a piece of paper and pull that off just going to put a dab of glue and their centers I'm not gonna do all of them at once and into five or six take my magical pick and then just transfer the little flatbacks on here and they're really nice and sparkly this is crystal paradise shine is the color it's a pretty purple color with some green in it okay so after I've done that I'm gonna add some more it's good to do this step first because while you're doing the paddle headpins you're putting the beads on them the glue here can be drying if you are making a project that does use glue like this keep that in mind okay there we go so he is gonna dry right there and then just gonna get rid of the excess glue and I'm gonna take my cap put that pin back in the nozzle and twist it shut and that's ready to be used another time and I'm gonna use these great paddle head pins and I'm gonna put a bead on line you know there's my hands are a little bit dirty from the sanding block that just washed us off and the design I have here I wanted all the paddles to face forward so keeping that in mind I'm going to take my wire looping pliers and make sure that my loop goes like this versus like this which would cause the paddle to hang sideways so I'm just gonna hold it grasp it like so let me show you what it looks like from the side view here and squeeze and the wire looping pliers do a lot of the work for me rotate them up top and pull it around I have that nice loop I know I'm just gonna make a cut where the wires overlap and I'm gonna do that for five of these again making sure the paddle faces forward for each other here we go you notice I didn't bother to close my loops as I did this because I knew I was gonna have to open them back up they're pretty close but they're not quite as precise as I would like for a finished piece of jewelry normally I would wait till this was fully dry but I'm gonna try to do it here so that we can continue with the video so I'm gonna be putting a little dangle from these open work areas and I'm gonna hang five of them and pick up one of my dangles and I'm gonna open up the loop some more just as if it was a jump ring so I'm just gonna twist it to the side carefully hold this now because I don't think those crystals are quite dry and I'm gonna put it through one of the bottom open work areas and then I'm just gonna close my loop I'm gonna repeat along some of the other open work areas okay our last one close it on up and now all we need to do is hang the earring hook from it so we're gonna open that base loop same ways we've opened all of our other loops so just make sure that we put this on so that the pretty crystals are facing forward close that loop back up and we have a really pretty pair of earrings let me show you the two of them together there you go so not very hard at all to make but very sparkly and festive and a fun way of creating a design using these wonderful vintage pieces in combination with some Swarovski crystal you can find all the supplies you've seen here these other pieces of vintage as well as numerous other products and beading supplies at you

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