How to Make Colorful Suncatchers with Wire Frames

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video, you will learn a fun summer craft that is easy to do and only takes a few minutes to construct. The possibilities are endless with a ton of shapes and sizes of colorful beads to choose from.
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Hi, this is Kat with tiny but they make really great ornaments we have four and a half inches wide and again here's the six inches wide that I'm gonna be working with today but we also have these really big 9 inch wide and these are definitely really great if you're trying to fill up a window so I just wanted to point those out to you guys and then now I'm going to show you a couple examples of what I've done here I have a firework that I did and you can tell that these beads are a little bit smaller and they gradually get to a larger bead so that's just a nice fun patriotic one for all those summer holidays in the US and then I did a nice little rainbow one where I just sort of graduated the colors and it looks this one is probably my favorite that looks really great in a window because you get all those nice colors shining through this one is a little bit more of a flower pattern and I used the Czech glass twist beads and then for this one this one is a little bit different this is a dragonfly or butterfly if you wish and I just did a little bit of wire wrapping and I just took one piece of wire and just wrapped it threaded it on a couple of beads and wrapped it and clipped it so these are all separate little pieces of wire so that actually fills up a lot of that space that that Sun might come through for a window so I just wanted to show you all my examples because there are so many different things that you can do with these but in this one I'm going to make a variation on my flower here and I want to give a shout out to all of our Instagram fans who helped me pick this color these were our choices I had these three and then the aquamarine which was a resounding love so I'm going to show you how to make one of these in its entirety in this video using the aquamarine so just let you know I have three millimeter beads here and these are my yellow I have the aquamarine which are ten millimeter czech glass and then I also have ten by seven teardrops and again these are all Czech glass which makes it really great and really affordable so to take the wire frame I just want to show you how stiff this really is so if you do need to cut it I recommend using memory cutters because that's the only thing that's really going to give you a nice sharp cut if you try to use your regular flush cutters it definitely won't work on this so I've already decided on my pattern so I'm just gonna start stringing my beads on if you've noticed mm-hmm so sorry if you've noticed on my other ones I definitely put a little bead here at the bottom and the reason I do that is because if you were to start with a ten millimeter bead you wouldn't be able to get one on the next one you'd have some sort of a gap so what I've done is I've started with the smaller beads just to make sure that it goes all the way down so I'm gonna put on one of my three millimeter and I'm gonna do one of those teardrops and add another and now I'm gonna add a couple more of let's see I think I can fit about five on here okay that's good and then that would leave a really big loop there but not enough to add a whole extra bead as you can see it would it would slide off the end but I do want to finish it off nicely and I'm gonna add one more of those yellow beads now to make the little loop at the bottom I I guess at the top I'm going to be using rubbers round nose pliers and I recommend these pliers specifically because they are strong enough to handle this wire sometimes if you have a travel set they just aren't strong enough to handle this type of wire so I'm just taking the end of it right in my round nose pliers and just bending a nice little loop and my loop is open and now this is a little trick I discovered while I was making these if you take these are the Zeron four and one crimping pliers if you take it and put it in that middle notch there it'll round that wire nice for you so you're basically sort of crimping that wire in and since it doesn't need to be a nice loop you just want to make it so it's one of those stopper to stop those beads it can be a little loop just like that so you would complete the rest of this and then I'm gonna skip ahead and I'm going to show you how to add just a little cord onto the end okay so I have my illusion cord here and I'm just gonna cut off just with my scissors just a small portion and I'm just going to show you how I would create a little loop so you're just gonna thread it through your loop there I'm sorry this might be a little difficult to see but you're just gonna do just an overhand knot and you can make this as small or as big as you want so I have an overhand knot right here and now I'm just gonna add sort of a double knot just to give myself a nice big loop so and you can always knot it again depending on what you're use for this is and how strong you want that knot so there we go then you can turn those edges just to give it a nice clean look there we go so that is how you just attach a little loop for to hang it now I'm gonna finish this so you can see it completed and I'll be right back just to show you the end result so here is my finished suncatcher and again these are just really great summer projects to do you can hang them in the window of your kitchen or even in your car so I hope you enjoyed this video and you can find more videos and all of these supplies at you

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