How to Make the Tulum Earrings with Cymbals and SuperDuo Bead Mixes

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Designer: Alexandra Smith
In this video, you will see from start to finish how to bead weave these earrings using 2-hole Czech glass SuperDuo beads with Cymbal bead substitutes and bead endings. You will also see other colors of SuperDuo bead mixes.
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hi this is Alexandra at PETA Halik here to show you how to make the two loom earrings with symbols and super duo bead mixes so here's the earring that will be making using a beautiful bead mix and I want to show you the variety that we have here at beadaholique the far corner we've got a mix called Pinot Noir next to that is copper canyon we have a Mardi Gras flesh mocha latte and then down in this corner they've got little boy blue serenity fadeaway and antique lace love those names so for this design we'll be using the April showers mix I've also got some size eleven oh my yuki round seed beads and a beautiful galvanized rose gold and we'll be incorporating some symbols components i have the bead ending here and also some bead substitutes got an earring hook a little bead stopper and for tools i've got scissors and chain nose pliers i'll be using some four pound test smoke fireline so let's begin so I've got my size 12 needle and I've cut three feet of fire line and I'm gonna bring in my symbol bead ending now I've found that what works best for these super dual beads rather than tucking them in is stringing individual holes and so I'm gonna pull on each one individually here getting the super duos settled in between the prongs of that bead ending and leaving myself about a five inch tail now actually I could have put on my bead stopper I put it in here just in case but I'm actually not going to need it so let's go ahead I'm gonna take on two more super duos and you'll notice that I'm using a random color pattern here just to show off all the pretty shades in mix so once I've added on those two beads I'm gonna go ahead and pick it all up and I'm coming through the second hole of that super duo next to them I'm going to take on two more super duos and go through the second hole of the adjacent one there and then take on two more now I'm ready to tie my beads into a ring just by taking the tail and the longer thread and tie them into a knot just an overhand knot like so I'm gonna come around in a surgeon's knot on my second round bring my thread through twice on that loop and tighten it up so that's what we have so far so now I'm ready to come down into my third layer of weaving and I'm gonna create a thread bridge right here on the outside of this green bead by coming through the second hole of it and in this layer is where I'm going to add my beads substitutes so what I'm going to want to do is make sure that I get a design all facing one way I actually going to turn this around so you can see it clearly these beads have a lovely etched front that I want to feature so I'm gonna bring that in and you can see how that falls and I'll just make sure I bring up each one through the same direction to get those facing forward one between each superglue these beads are specifically designed to fit with these two whole beads and this design uses five for each earring and they do come in packs of ten so that works out well my last one on there and now for my next row of weaving I'm gonna take on another glass super duo and come through the second hole of my cymbal bead substitute that's going to start me into my next row of glass beads one in between each symbol just choosing my colors as I go now this would also make a beautiful banded design if you were to stick with one color for each row and kind of striate it that way that would look very nice too alright let me set this down so you can see where we're at so I'm ready to add on the last superdude in that row and I'm going to choose one of these brown beads and here I'm going to take a little detour in order to secure this bead before going into the next row I'm actually going to take my needle and string up through the top hole of the adjacent cymbal bead like so and then I'm gonna come down through the second hole of that symbol bead and you'll see that my needle is also passing through the top hole of my outer Brown superglue and so that's securing the top of the bead so it doesn't flop around and now I'm ready to come through the second hole of that bead creating a thread bridge along the outside and this next row is going to have two glass superdude lows between each so let me take up two beads and string through the second hole the next bead got a little bit caught there there we go two more beads and through the next one and so forth if some of these beads are opaque and some of them are clear so I'm trying to remember to mix it up and I like the fans design of this pattern really shows off a unique way to use these beads especially when you start stacking to in between so now I'm ready to come down into my very last row and I'm going to create a thread bridge by coming down into the second hole of that outer blue bead and I'm ready to take on three of my seed beads and I'm gonna come through the whole of the adjacent super duo and create a little sort of picot edge now what's gonna happen here is I'm actually gonna thread through the second bead as well and so I'm bringing the two edges of those beads together before I add my next set of three seed beads and that's what gets the look of the sort of alternating picot edge at the bottom three more beads and coming through two of the super duos three more beads through the two and now I'm ready for my last three beads through that last superdude on the end now I just need to weave in and tie off my thread and I find with the super duos they're a little tricky to thread back through even one at a time but let alone multiples so I would go once one beat at a time to get my needle back through there I'm gonna find a thread bridge between the two beads and I'm gonna make my not just by looping through with my needle come around once and twice and didn't work my needle through a couple more beads before I cut the thread come through one at a time as I need to you can come through as many as you like so I'm gonna clip off that thread now I'm gonna take my needle off I'm gonna thread back on to my tail I'm gonna thread that tail up through the cymbal bead ending at the top just to add some extra security to the design so from the side that I'm on I'm gonna come back through the holes of these very top beads and through the cymbal finding gonna work my needle through there see where I'm at this last hole here and I'm gonna create a little knot for myself you can weave in however you'd like send my needle through and clip so all that's left now is the earring hook and then take my chain nose plier you just open that loop off to the side slide on the top loop of my cymbal bead ending close it up now we have two beautiful earrings I hope you enjoyed this video and all of these beautiful bead mixes we have here at beadaholique youtube channel for all the latest updates thanks for watching

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