How to Attach a TierraCast Magnetic Clasp to Bead Weaving

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will see how to attach a double loop magnetic clasp to peyote bead weaving. This clasp from TierraCast's Finishing Touches Collection provides a seamless and sleek closure for your designs.
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hi this is kat with and of looks like a little book so i thought it was really cool and i wanted to attach it to some bead weaving because it's got those two holes that run down the side they're almost like a little bit of a binding so let me go ahead and separate that clasp so you can just see how it works so both sides have a nice flat magnetic piece to it so what we're gonna do is we're going to attach it to each side of our strip of peyote that I have here now for this piece I've used Toho in the size 8/0 and I'm just combined four different colors to make a really nice sort of random pattern and this is going to be odd count peyote and you need to do odd count peyote for this particular clasp because of the way it's gonna sit in those beads and I'm going to show you exactly how that works so this strip here this is the end that I finished on so I got to my link that I wanted so my cord is coming out of that little white bead right there and my clasp is going to sort of mimic two beads so it's gonna fit right inside there it's what we're gonna do is we're going to attach another row and then attach the clasp as we go all right so I'm gonna pick up my bead weaving here and I'm gonna pick up a bead and as though I was starting a whole nother row just go into that first bead there now here's where I want to start adding my clasp so what I'm gonna do is instead of picking up another bead I'm gonna take my needle and go through that first loop and string that on just like so and now it's gonna come through there and just as though it were another bead I'm gonna go into that the next little green bead there and kind of continue to string there we go alright now I'm gonna add another bead and I'm going to try to do this in one step I'm gonna go up through that green bead and up through my little second hole of the clasp there we go and as though that was a bead we're gonna go into that little light green bead there and now I just need to add one more bead to this side and going through that last little green bead like I said as though we're just doing another row so you see how nice that is it just sort of fits in there really nicely and it's nice and flat now because this is a very strong magnetic clasp I recommend you kind of turned your thread around and sort of go through that maybe one more time so the rule of thumb about peyote is that as long as you stay along your thread path you can move about your bead weaving and really reinforce any section that you might need to and this goes the same with tying off your thread so you can see you can kind of catch maybe two beads at once I'm just sort of going through again that little clasp there and because these beads are so large you can go through a few times now again my thread that I'm using is the fireline it's a six pound so this is gonna be nice and strong for me I'm just gonna go through that last bead one more time and now I feel that that's in there twice so I'm giving it just a little tug just to kind of test to make sure it doesn't start to pull on me but what I want to do now is I want to just tie off my thread so again I'm just turning around and just following that thread path that I was sort of naturally on there now you can go back and forth a couple of times until no more thread will fit in there but I'm just gonna go ahead and tie off my thread and what I'm doing is I'm just going underneath one of those little beads there to catch a little thread path coming down and just tying a little knot just like so and then I'm just gonna continue and I'm gonna do that once more I like to do two knots for me it's just security especially when you are putting stress on that magnetic clasp it just works for me but do please do whatever works for you and then go down through a couple of beads and I'm ready to tie to cut off my thread so what I'm gonna do is I'm actually gonna use my little thread zap here so I'm just gonna remove the little safety press up my little indicator here and that's going to heat up on the end and then I can just come in and zap off my thread there we go all right so now I'm just going to remove that needle and I'm gonna show you how to do the other side it is a little bit different so let's go ahead and flip this around now the big thing to think about when you're doing a magnetic clasp is make sure that when you clasp it it is actually going to it was actually going to clasp it properly so when you're looking at it you're going to be looking at a different side of it so we're gonna have that magnetic side kind of facing up alright now I'm gonna flip this over which means I'm gonna flip this over because I just like to work this way it's just a personal thing but when you start your peyote it's coming out the side here as opposed to coming through that so what we need to do is we need to add our needle back onto this side of the thread and same principle applies all I need to do is I need to get my thread coming out this way from that green bead so I'm just gonna go down through and kind of try to catch a couple and all I need to do is just turn it around so let's see if I go through that one and then I can turn it around here and just kind of create that thread bridge almost as though I'm doing the the turn around in the odd count peyote and if I come out that green bead I can come out that light green bead so we are at the same starting position as before alright so now let's go ahead and finish off this side so I'm picking up one bead and now this should be the same for you but I'll just kind of show you once more go through that first hole there making sure that slides in nicely and then go through that second bead make sure you don't forget to do that step and now we're get to add another bead and again if you if you feel that you can you can do it in one step my needle missed so I'm gonna do it in two go through that loop go through that bran speed and I'm just gonna add one more of the cream beads there no I'm just alright like I said I just did a random pad and I just really liked these four colors together and my main focus was I just didn't want to have any two colors touching so that's sort of how I wanted to do this pattern but it sort of is completely random but that's sort of the only principle I was going off of was I just didn't want to have any two beads that were the same color touching each other you can do this with other sizes of excuse me other brands of seed beads so if you don't have Toho you can use other brands but I do recommend using an eight-oh because the way the clasp works is it just sort of looks like a NATO bead you can almost see how it just looks like one of those bronzy beads there alright so now I'm just gonna go through and I'm just gonna tie off just as we did on the other side so if you want to see that again you just quarter turn your thread around when you can and you can tie off anywhere I just like to do it up at the top there it just makes it a little easier to find that little thread path for me and keeping that loop there going up through those two beads there sometimes you can sneak it through - like I said going down getting a little thread bridge finding that loop pulling through and I'm just gonna go through another bead and repeat that once more alright now if you don't have a threads up you can of course use snips or scissors I just like the threads up because it kind of seals in that thread and it is nice and a clean little finish there alright so again just kind of coming in and zapping off that thread alright always be sure to put your little safety back up I'm gonna set that aside and then we have nice finish apiece see how nice and sleek that is it's a really beautiful piece so now when you clasp it it's gonna look just like that so nice little sort of book kind of style so that is the brass oxide version we also do have it in gold and antique silver and then I brought out some of these other clasps here and these are also magnetic clasps and I just want to kind of show you that these are gonna be great to use with other bead weaving type of things but I really like to use this book style because it fits that a toe really nicely but you could have absolutely sort of fit that in there if you wanted to so in a magnetic clasp as well that's more about this sort of barrel style so I just brought those out just to show you as well so we have lots of different options and you can get all of these supplies and see the full tutorial by heading over to

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