How to Make an Even Count Peyote Stitch Ring

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will learn how to use Miyuki Delica seed beads to make an even count peyote ring. This technique shows you how to make a seamless zip up join in a few easy steps. Once you master this technique, you can easily create your own patterns of peyote stitch in this style.
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hi this is kat with and pick this up so you can see that it's a nice little strip of peyote that's been zipped up so i'm going to show you how to do that and this is a really fun thing you can create your own little patterns with it and i'm gonna talk a little bit about the patterns here but it's just a nice little slim ring this is going to be six beads wide so that is why we're gonna do the even count today so we do have another video showing you how to do the odd count it is very similar but I just wanted to showcase the even count here alright so to do this we are going to be using some yuki delicas and these are really wonderful for peyote because they're these little syndra kool tiny little square like tubes that are gonna fit together really nicely so I brought out two colors here so I'm gonna make this exact pattern but I did bring out some other colors just as a small selection of some of the other really rich beautiful colors of miyuki delicas that we have here at alright for tools what we're gonna be doing is we're gonna be using the smoke fire line in the four pound I'm gonna be using the smoke today so that it shows up on camera however for this particular project I did use the crystal because you don't really want to see that on the sides alright and then we're gonna be using some size twelve beading needles and I have my thread zap as well so if you have everything ready to go let's go ahead and get started so I have my size twelve beading needle and I'd say about three to four feet of thread you don't need a whole lot here but go ahead an air on the side of safety and we're gonna start doing a really basic even count peyote now the first thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take one of my pink beads here and I'm gonna string it on and I'm gonna bring it all the way down towards the end of my thread until maybe there's about eight to twelve inches or so and then what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go back through that bead with my needle and this is gonna be my nice little bead stopper so you see I have it just about eight inches or so from the end so now to do our even count peyote I'm gonna start my pattern with a very basic pattern it'll be nice and easy for you to see so we're gonna pick up one two three four five and six because we're gonna do six columns alright hold that down and it's gonna stop at my little stopper bead so now I'm gonna pick up another purple bead and I'm gonna skip over that very first bead there and I'm gonna go into the second one there so kind of sneak my needle through there and going only into that second bead and pulling that down let me kind of scooch that together and show you what it looks like here so it looks like we have a little trio there at the bottom alright so then I'm gonna pick up another purple bead and I'm gonna skip over that next bead and go into the one that is that sort of fourth bead there and pull that through and again you can just sort of see how these start to alternate and look like little bricks just like so alright and then one more bead so pick up another purple bead and go into that last purple bead there make sure not to catch that bead stopper and go ahead and pull that tight and then we're just gonna sort of scooch everything together and you can scooch up your little bead stopper there so we should have this as our little starting point here now we're going to turn our thread around and go back so what we're gonna do is we're going to pick up another purple bead and I'm gonna go through that first little up bead there but only that up bead and then we're gonna pull tight and then I'm gonna repeat I'm gonna pick up another one go through that next up bead and pull tight and just repeating another purple bead and going through that next little upbeat there alright and let's check our attention just kind of make sure everything is nice and tight there there we go so this is our little even count peyote so what we're gonna do is we're just gonna do a few more rows of the purple and this is its I added one extra beads I gotta go back through a little mistake so this is a really basic even count peyote there we go so only pick up one beat at a time go through that first one there there we go so I'm gonna keep beating as I walk through a couple of things so this is going to be six beads across and 36 beads and that's gonna give you about a seven and a half to eight size ring now because it's so thick sometimes ring sizing when it's really thick like this can be a little difficult so what you might want to do is sort of just have a little option to figure that out yourself in terms of you know figure out your pattern and keep weaving until you get to your desired length so I'm gonna keep going with my pattern and the pattern you can find it's a free pattern it is at and it will be under this project which will provide a link for it in the description below alright so I'm gonna keep weaving and then I'm gonna show you what it looks like in just a moment alright so I have my pattern fully laid out here so this is that 36 by six I was talking about now I want to point out something to you and I was creating this pattern I left a little space on either side so that I could adjust it so it wouldn't really affect the pattern also this is a this is a pretty forgiving pattern so if you wanted to just sort of do that central point you could do that or you could do rows or columns it just is entirely up to you but the reason I did that is because I wasn't quite sure of the size that I wanted to achieve so what you can do is let's say you get to this point here and you realize that's as far as you want to go well when you connect it with the other side that you'll see here that we'll do in just a moment you won't really care that that's a little bit shorter than what you intended because it will still look like the same join okay so let's talk about the join so the basic way that peyote is going to zip up is those beads are going to fit together so I'm going to come to my beginning side I'm going to take off that bead stopper you just slide that right off and what's gonna happen is this is going to come together and sort of fall into place it's gonna sort of zip together just like so so what we're gonna do is the side that your needles already on you can just start there and then I'm gonna kind of show you how this works all right and let me get it situated so you can see really easily okay so we're coming out of our little top bead right here so what we're gonna do is we're gonna go up and over the top and we're gonna come over to this side here and go through that first little bead and just kind of pull that together so you see that it wants to zip itself up and then I'm gonna come across here this is sort of similar to as though you were adding another row so I'm gonna go through on the other side so you kind of get this crisscross happening you just see that it wants to come together and then you go across to the left here and go through that bead and pull that together so this is the zip so you can see now that those purple beads are butting up against each other there you can see how you can just do this at whichever point in your pattern you have just make sure that you're not crossing over you're just Criss crossing the you're going sort of back and forth that you're not kind of going underneath so then you come to this point here so you have those two tails so what you're going to do is you're just going to come around to this side and sort of pretend like you're going to zip it back up going the other way just like so so you bring that together so now you can't even see aside from where the thread is but we did a little seamless join okay so all we need to do now is I like to kind of get my thread to the other side here and you can just go up you can get through two beads if that allows but don't don't rush it yeah let's go one more here and now what I'm gonna do is just to tie it off I'm gonna catch that little thread bridge on one side just by sticking my needle underneath there making a loop going back through that loop and you'll see that I get a nice little knot there on the end and now just go down through a couple of beads and that knot will sort of disappear all right and I'm just gonna go down through now you go up and down and tie as many knots as you as you like to feel secure I just like to kind of go through make a little loop one more little loop here and we're done all right so I'm gonna just gonna remove my needle from that side and go ahead and attach your needle to the other side now we've already done this the join you can go over that if you want with your needle but I just recommend that you at this point you can just tie off this thread so all I'm gonna recommend you do is sort of go around to another side there go up through a bead or to move through all I'm trying to do is just get my needle to that other side there so that I can do the same thing up here at the top go down catch a little thread bridge bring it back through that loop tie a little knot and go down through a few beads here you can see that I'm going like I said I'm going down through a couple beads at a time you don't have to do that if again it doesn't allow these are glass beads so you want to always be careful about cracking a bead so just go down one at a time and I'm gonna do my little loop again this for me and just helps tie off that thread just with a little extra security because we don't have a lot of bead weaving here to to work with and odd count is a little stronger there so there we go alright so now I just remove my needle and then I can come in with my thread zap press the tip to let it heat up there and I'm just gonna snap off that one and there we go that one had a little extra on that one alright so now we are done with our ring so now I have two beautiful rings here but this is a really fun easy peyote to to work with especially if you have done even count peyote before I know I did a very quick version here today but this is just even count peyote and you can zip it together to make a lovely ring so you can get all of these supplies and see even more tutorial than by heading over to and if you're new to our YouTube channel here be sure to hit that subscribe button below and of course that notification belts get notified when we have brand new videos from beadaholique

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