How to Make the Oasis Lustre Necklace with TierraCast Finishing Touches

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Designer: Alexandra Smith
In this video, you will see from start to finish how to create this design using Czech glass 2-hole beads with TierraCast Finishing Touches components. First, you will see how to bead weave the focal pendant using SuperDuo and Ginko beads with 11/0 Miyuki round seed beads. Then you will see how to assemble the necklace using a Finishing Touches link and cord ends with a toggle clasp on 2mm leather cord.
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hi this is Alexandra at beadaholique you how to make the Oasis luster necklace with tierracast finishing touches components so this is a bead woven focal with a connector link and cord ends on leather cord so before we launch into the bead weaving let me show you some of these tierracast finishing touch pieces that we'll be using this is a link that's going to help us to attach our pendant to the leather and we also have some cord ends here now these come in a variety of metal finishes over here that I want to show you in antique brass and bright gold and some other silver variations and the two millimeter cord ends and then some six millimeter and also eight millimeter these would be great for kumihimo or thicker leather projects and they all take glue as I'll be demonstrating for beads what I have here are some - two whole ginko beads and also some super duos in a beautiful peacock finish I've got some four millimeter Swarovski crystal pearls some size 11 around my UK seed beads I have a tiara cast toggle that will compliment our end pieces and some five millimeter jump rings and finally some two millimeter chord in leather so this is the finished piece that we'll be making and the tools we'll be using are some scissors I have some chain nose pliers some bent chain pliers and some flush cutters I'll be using the four pound test smoke fire line and some e6000 glue with a toothpick to begin what I've done is cut two feet of the fire line and I strung on my size 12 needle and we're ready to begin so what I'm gonna do is start by taking on four of each of the seed beads with the super duos once I have those alternated can I string those down toward the end of my thread and tie them into a ring coming around once and for security here I'm going to do a surgeon's knot moving my thread through two times on that final overhand knot there we go now keeping my tail out of the way I'm ready to start my weaving so I'm gonna take my needle and string up through the second hole of the super duo that I'm closest to and from there I'm going to take on two seed beads then I'm gonna bring a ginkgo bead up and I'm coming through the pointed end of that I'll string it down I'm gonna take on a super duo three seed beads and another super duo string all of those down to the rest of my beads now what I'm going to do is come back down through the center the second sorry whole of my kinko bead check my tension here and get it all strung together tightly and I'm bringing my needle through the second hole of the adjacent super duo I'll get this down on the table for you where you can see it so this is where we're at you know what let me come back through I missed two seed beads I need to make it match as I did on the other side so let me grab these two and then we'll be ready to go back through our super Dro duo sorry about that alright so there we are next I'm gonna do the same thing I'm going to take on to see beads come up through the pointed end of my gingko bead take on a super duo three seed beads another super duo and come back down through the other hole of my ginkgo be get my tail out of the way and take on two more seed beads then I'm going to again come through the adjacent second hole of my super duo on the other side and you can see the pattern forming in this sort of clover petal formation we're making so I'm going to take on two more seed beads a super duo whoops I'm sorry two more seed beads and a ginkgo and then my super duo sorry okay three more seed beads another super duo back through the second hole of my ginkgo bead two more seed beads and in through the second hole of my adjacent super dulo keeping this down on the table so you can see it as best as I can all right now I'm taking on two more seed beads coming up through a kinko bead taking on another super duo three more seed beads a super duo and coming down through the second hole of that final ginkgo bead so we've got our clover formed there I'm going to take on two more seed beads that's gonna complete my second round of beads so now again I'm coming through the adjacent second hole of that super duo and what I'm going to want to start to do is double back through some of my beads to get up to where I want to be so I'm coming through yeah adjacent two seed beads up through the hole of my ginkgo working my way back up to the outside of the bead weaving now rather than going up the outside of this super duo which would pinch my bead down actually going to go through the bottom hole of that super duo and continue just a bit more so that I'm headed in the direction I want to be for adding on my tierracast link all right so my last pass doubling through the second hole of that super duo and I'm ready to take on a seed bead and now I'm going to bring in my finishing touches link another seed bead and a Swarovski pearl a seed bead the other side of my finishing touch link these work very similar to the symbols beads if you've worked with those at all which I have that on I'm going to take one more seed bead and now I'm ready to come through this super duo that's on the other side above the adjacent gingko bead and that's attached my link so again I'm gonna pick up my piece here and start to double back through some of these outer seed beads working my way through this super duo here and I'm going to add on some more beads now I'm going to take on two seed beads a Swarovski pearl two more seed beads and come through the adjacent super jewel traveling through my outer seed beads doubling through the next super duo ready to add on a few more beads it's gonna be two seed beads a Swarovski pearl I'm gonna have to pick these up to get them on when we are two more seed beads through the super duo make sure my threads not getting caught get that tail out of the way and through the outer seed beads again working my way around my last section of added beads lay that down so you can see it it's gonna be two seed beads one more purl and two seed beads through the super duo through the adjacent seed beads on the outer edge and I'm gonna continue through the finishing touches link for added security give my piece some extra strength there keep working my thread through all these beads this one little seed beads quite tight there we go and I'll get my needle to a place where I'm comfortable making my not gonna work a little bit more through these seed beads to the other side of this supa duo where it'll hide the knot okay I can come between the seed bead and the pearl that's a good stopping point my thread underneath and create my knot come around one more time weave in my friend and I'm done weaving I'll take my little scissors clip my thread if I wanted I could weave this tail back in but I think I'm just gonna clip it having made that surgeon's knot so there's our beef woven vocal pendant now to attach it onto our leather I'm gonna bring in our toggle clasp here and I want to attach the piece to the toggle using a jump ring so let me take my pliers go ahead and open one of those five millimeter jump rings slide on the top loop of my link slide on my toggle it's got a little hole at the bottom there I'm ready to also attach the cord ends I'm going to do this before we glue our leather on so that it will have time to dry fully assembled so I'll open another jump ring here slide on my cord end also gonna slide on the back loop of my toggle clasp close that up same thing on the other side to attach the bar of my toggle opening up my jump ring and sliding on my loops yeah so having made those attachments I'm ready for gluing now I've pre-cut just using my flush cutters I pre-cut 16 inches of this 2 millimeter leather cord and of course you can just cut your desired length of cord depending on the size of your necklace that you want I'm gonna bring in my six thousand glue and my toothpick get a little bit of glue out there oh this is a brand new tube look at that open that up get my glue out there we go and with my toothpick I'm just gonna take a small amount of the glue and work that into the well of the end the cord end a little bit more in there all right and I'm gonna take up the end of my leather and kind of work it between my fingers to get that tip as small as I can to fit in its a good tight fit with this 2 millimeter chord so I got the one side and now gently I'm going to bring over the other side to make my other connection here and apply some more glue into the well of the side if you get extra glue on there it'll come off pretty easily once it's dry kind of like rubber cement slide that on in and now we'll just let it dry so there's the finished away sis Lester necklace using tierracast finishing touches pieces and I hope you enjoyed this video please subscribe to our YouTube channel for all the latest updates and thanks for watching you

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