How to Make the Sepia Rose Earrings

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Designer: Alexandra Smith
Skill Level: Intermediate
In this video, you will learn from start to finish how to make the Sepia Rose Earrings, and view several other design ideas for how to incorporate bead caps and cones into wire wrapped earrings.
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hi this is Alexandra with beadaholique the CPA Rose earrings as well as to look at some fun ways to use bead caps in earring designs I wanted to show you a few designs that came up with this one have some delicate Rolo chain in alternating lengths with the trio Czech glass coming off of a delicate cap that's got some four millimeter jump ring attachments and it's really pretty opaque cherry-red glass with a antique silver filigree cap and some little dangles off at the bottom of an item you know this one that's got some opaque Czech crystal in turquoise with some faux pearl and a really nice regal looking gold-plated cap and so for this video we'll go ahead and make the second earring to go with this one that's got an eight millimeter faux pearl and a four millimeter I mean some four millimeter czech glass and a really pretty vintage antique bronze cap so the process is very simple to just really create a nice design that's got movement and depth to it so I've prepped a few of these little simple wire loop beads to hang and I'll do the last one here of what I do for these is should take my thumb nail the angle and off of the end if I don't want to do a wire wrap just a loop I come around and if you clip that these will hang off of the open edges of the bead cap so get those on there I'm going on to the bottom most opening could get really creative so there's three openings on this one you could do something off of all of them possibilities are really and left now I'm closing that to the side and do that for each of these we spit on close it up close the cap can always be used to go straight on to the top of a bead - but I just love using all the different designs in different ways because the last one you could make pendants for necklaces this way - alright so my next step is I'm going to take a head pin and put on my large pearl with four glass beads then I'll put the cap and straight through the bottom of it so that the beads are hanging around the sides add my four millimeter faux pearl and apply wrap the top I'm going to degrees up in fur and just get myself some extra grip crossways there silver space clip the extra I'll add vanilla dangling off whipping tightening and also there we go I've pulled some other types of caps that I thought would lend themselves really well to this type of design work I need anything that's open with holes is fair game so these are all available as project bundles at thanks for watching

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