How to Make a Memory Wire Ring With a Beaded Focal Cluster

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Designer: Alexandra Smith
Skill Level: Beginner
In this video, you will learn how to make the Mini Muscadine Ring using ring sized round memory wire and Toho seed beads. You will also see how to create a focal cluster of beaded dangles using ball headpins.
Audio Transcript
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hi district Alexandra at beadaholique to make a memory wire ring with the beaded floral clip you can see that I've made it to project here the sputnik ring has some size six toe hose with some check o beads and some shiny ball head pin and it fits about me this one large so it's about fit go from ten inches or size ten ring and up all the way up to 11 I find for me it fits well thumb or middle finger and then this little one my little muscadine ring it's more of a pinky ring and it's made on the round ring size memory wire whereas this one is made on a flat ring size memory wire so for this project we're going to recreate the little muscadine ring I've chosen some gunmetal head pins for this project to kind of blend with the beads and what I have our some size eight Toho B's in the regular and the denny round and i'm going to begin by cutting with my memory wire cutters don't leave home without i'm here and i'm going to overlap about a quarter inch I'm getting this section ready here to where the two sides of an overlap just about a quarter inch good cut that off here's what it looks like not like so and what that amount of overlap does is allows me to which I'll demonstrate on our finished ring take my pliers and do some outward facing loops that will nicely overlap to let us put on our head pins to create the cluster and it gives the right size ring so I've gone ahead and strung on most of my beads here to save us some time I'm going to put on just one more section of each of the been around it's really pretty Matt green with this bluish and then I'm ready to create my second loop and I've left about a quarter inch of wire which is the right length for me to be able to grip right at the center of my round pliers and create my second outward-facing loop and once I've done that and gotten it flush to where the beads aren't going to move around I'm ready to bring my two loops together and start my clusters so for this let's see I've got one more head pin one more of my one and a half inch gun metal head pins and I'm gonna a couple more beads on and for these small size wraps I like to just even take my thumbnail grip for my angle on my wire my weight is not too much extra coiling I have to do so create a fat and I'm ready to bring it on here this is how I'm going to link the two together just like so close that up springy so get a grip with my plier on the wrap that I made the loop and oil clip that go ahead and add the rest of them to create the cluster and then you'll see what that looks like when I'm done I'm just going to keep doing the same thing where I pinch together and latch it on so I'm ready to add on my last little dangle here got all the other ones linked on to those two hoops some of them latched onto both and others on either side so what you'll want to do depending on the size loop you make and the size of your ring and beads is just add your desired number of dangles to really get a nice cluster a look and fill up that space hide the wire so then we have it second little muscadine ring you'll also want to adjust the size accordingly so whereas this is about a quarter inch of overlap you might want to do half an inch if you're looking for a larger sized ring like this one little FET video is helpful in these project bundles available at thanks for watching you

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