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hi this is Alexandra at beadaholique to so you how to make the seated coil earrings so you can see here I've made the first one out of some wire seed beads and a hanging briolette by looping each end of the wire through the middle of the coil now for this project I have some alloys eleven Toho's size eleven metal seed beads that's in 24 gauge wire a mandrel and cutters and pliers so to begin I'm going to cut five inches of my wire and I'm going to create just a simple wrapped wire loop on one end coil around a couple of times with the base clip my extra I'm gonna tuck that end in a little bit for this project I've decided to use these fine chain nose pliers and you'll see you'll see why in a minute after I've strung my beads on I'm gonna go ahead and string on 26 of the glass Toho's with 25 of the metal seed beads alternating the two just like so hmm go all the way up the length of the wire 24 five all right 26 and now I'm going to create a second wire wrap on this side just this last bit of wire looks like I could exactly enough to coil twice almost placed around the base and it's okay if they're not perfectly even because it will get tucked up inside of this coil so I've got my lengths of wire with the seed beads and now what I want to do is take my small jewelers mandrel and I'm gonna go one step up to the four and a half millimeter diameter in a grip just the the loop and the first couple of seed beads to get a grip on there and I'm going to coil the seeded wire around the length of that four point five millimeter section until the wire is tight and push that other loop against it as well you see that gives me a nice uniform coil of seeded wire and so now what I'm gonna do is take one end with my loop and curve the wrapped wire loop inside the coil and with these super fine pliers I'm going to go in grip that wire wrap and pull it through the center then I'm going to do the same thing on the other side or it take the wrap and loop it through the middle just enough to where I can come in the other side and grip that wrap there you go almost got it there we are and pull it through what it does it gives a nice substantial connection there a nice tight coil it's almost like a bead in itself a wire wrapped coil OC beads now I'm ready to add on a little briolette drop them for that I'm going to cut another two inches of wire and wrap my briella over the top myself a grip their coil a couple times around the beats and clip create my top tip and latch it on to my coiled seed bead wrap grip and coil over my first set of wraps and what that does is make a nice little nested wrap that echos the shape of the seeded coil clip the extra and now I'm ready to latch on my ear we're open to the side hook it on and close so it's just a fun pretty easy simple technique for making a pair of earrings that have dimension a nice swing and good spring colors be seated coil earrings all these materials in this product bundle are available at thanks for watching you

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