How to Make the Metallic Starfish Earrings with Tweedy Finish Chili Beads

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Designer: Julie Bean
Skill Level: Intermediate
Learn how to easily bead weave 2-hole Chili beads and Czech fire polish beads into a pretty circular medallion design. This is a great project for someone new to working with 2-hole beads.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with in the tweety finish I love this finish so you see it comes in a couple different colors and it's really a speckled look and for this project I'm going to be using the gold silver and black and these aren't two whole beads let me show you the whole orientation real quick before we begin there's one hole towards the base and then there's another hole a little bit more in the middle and we are gonna be using the Chile beads some silver three millimeter Czech glass fire polish and some gold three millimeter Czech glass fire polish that little beatable earring hook which is a great finding if you like making little beatable objects that you don't always have an easy way of hanging them on a hoop or on an earring finding I should say these hoops are great and then we're gonna be using some smoke fireline I've already went ahead and cut 22 inches and placed a stopper bead about 6 7 inches from the end and place my beading needle on it you only need a pair of scissors to cut your thread and you're just gonna need a pair of chain nose pliers to bend up the little wire on your earring hoop so let's begin us a really really easy project which is fun you're going to start by placing your needle through one of the end holes of the Chile beads and then picking up a three millimeter bead another Chile bead and you want to make sure your Chile beads are all facing the same direction you'll see that they can face two different directions because they do have a slight curve to them you just want to make sure that they're all facing the same direction with a little silver bead between them okay once you make sure that you've got five chili beads and five silver beads on your needle go ahead and slide them down to the base and at this point go ahead and remove your stopper bead and you should be able to just pull it off keeping that tail of about six seven inches because you're going to need to put your needle back on at the very end make a loop and tie a little knot and now tie a double knot and for good measure tie one more knot okay now we're gonna go back and we're gonna be the second row here so we're gonna take our needle and thread which is exiting that bass hole and we're just gonna jump up to the middle hole or I should say the second hole in these chili beads and now we're gonna pick up two gold beads and just go across to the next chili bead and just repeat until we end up back where we started and I keep thinking this thing looks like a little metallic starfish is what keeps going through my mind so we're almost back to our starting point you see how quick and easy this was so when you go through that last hole also go through some of the beads that you already have attached and then here you can start to tie some knots so we're gonna go ahead slip our needle under the thread bridge and bring it back through the loop we just created and pull tight and make another knot and now go back through some of your beadwork again pull tight and make another knot after you've done that a couple times it should be nice and secure so you can just trim your tail off now remember you did want to make sure you left an original tail I have six seven inches and this is why you're gonna take your needle place it back on your thread and if you saw me real quick what I just did was I went like this that flattens the fireline ever so slightly and makes it much easier to get your needle on okay so you want to pay attention to where this was exiting and you're gonna go back through some of your beadwork again you remember you already have one knot in place that you tied so you're just going to need another one poor and then trim your tail and now we're gonna put it on the earring finding and this is such a cool earring finding because it is beatable in this case we're not really taking advantage of the fact that's beatable but the whole point is that you can just place beads on to it which is really nice but since we don't need that part of it we can just slide it under one of our thread bridges and then we're gonna Bend up the straight tip and that's what's going to allow it to be secured into your ear so just bend that up and then you place that little bent portion through the little hole and now you have a nice secure closure but that is how you very quickly and easily make these earrings and I probably will title them something like metallic starfish or something fun like that so for this project we use two whole Czech glass chili beads in a tweety finish along with some little three millimeter czech fire polish beads to very easily make a pair of earrings you can find all the supplies you've seen here as well as other projects using chilli beads at you

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