How to Make the Punk Rock Princess Bracelets featuring the 2-Hole Rulla Beads

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Designer: Kat Silvia
Skill Level: Any Level
In this video, you will see the 2-Hole Rulla beads in action. These cylindrical beads are used in the bead woven Punk Rock Princess Bracelet along with 2-Hole Czech Glass Pyramid beads.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Kat with and the two whole check pyramid beads so I'm just gonna show you how that sort of works up in this video here but first I want to go over the actual rule the beads themselves now these are cylindrical beads and I'll just pick one up here to show you they have two holes as you can see but looking at them from the side there are actually perfect little cylinders so they actually work up really nice and you can use them either facing the way I have them here in the bracelet so you see this side or you could do it where you have just the little circles going next to each other or however you like to do in the design now I do also want to point out that we do have these like metallic matt type colors we have all of these other beautiful colors to choose from but I did want to pull out one specific type and these are sort of a half coated now you can see that they're sort of blue crystal on one side and they have that sort of Apollo gold on the other so there are a couple of colors that are like this we have a silver version and a gold gold version but I just wanted to show you that they can look really different in the design also when you see them from the side they can appear to be either that sort of blue or they can actually have a little bit more of like a gold coating that comes up on the side so just really neat and it just totally depends on your design but we do have all these great colors to choose from so now I'm going to show you how to do the bracelet and I have on my size twelve beading needle just a length of thread to do this you'll probably need a good wingspan of about six feet to complete the entire bracelet however if you need to add more thread we also have a video showing you how to add thread and tie it off so like I said I'm gonna be using my ruler beads my two whole pyramid beads I have some 11 o toho beads here and then for my class portion I just have a nice magnetic clasp and I have to close two jump rings and two open jump rings and these are both 5 millimeters 20 gauge I have a couple of pliers to help me with those jump rings and I just have a pair of snips to help with my thread but first I'm gonna take my little stopper bead and just string him onto my thread here and I'm gonna leave a tail of about a foot because that's what I'll use to tie off my clasp later so I have my stopper bead ready to go so very simply what I'm going to do is I'm going to pick up one of my toe ho seed beads and I'm going to string it on to one of my pyramid beads I'm gonna slide that all the way down and now I'm gonna pick up another Toho and I'm not gonna go back through it I'm just gonna go back through that black pyramid all the way down through here and now I'm just gonna go through that gold bead there go down and now to secure that gold bead I'm just gonna come right back up but I'm gonna make sure to not catch that gold bead at the top so this is the starting point for that bracelet so now actually I can go ahead and remove my stopper bead cuz it'll hold it nicely in place so this is what your starting will look like you just go up and you catch the gold bead and you go down and you catch your gold bead so now I'm just going to go across and create a thread bridge going through that second hole and I'm going to pick up one seed bead and in this design here I used the same tube rule the beads and you can see that there's I chose a multicolored one because that's the look I wanted for this but if you do choose a solid color one that's what you'll have there so but for me I just wanted to vary up the color so I'm gonna start by taking a purple bead and sliding that all the way down and now I'm going to pick up a gold bead and go right back through the two beads that I just strung so that gold bead is gonna serve to sort of catch that thread there and you'll just want to make sure that your rule the bead flips open like so and now I'm just gonna repeat that on the top so I'm gonna grab one seed bead and I'll grab a green one this time slide that all the way down yes and now pick up another Toho and go back through and now this time I'm only going to go back through as far as coming out that black pyramid be right there so that's where I want my thread to be so now I'm gonna add on the second let me just put this down so you can sort of see it I'm going to add on the second pyramid bead so as you can see the two holes are oriented like so and I want that bead to just kind of sit right in there so I'm gonna pick it up by this side and slide that all the way down so that it kind of comes up right next to it and you can see and now I'm gonna go back through that first black pyramid again coming out the black not catching any of the seed beads on that outer side just pulling that down and pull it tight so it sits right next to it and finally to complete this step you're just going to go back up through that first hole of that second pyramid bead and now I'm gonna pick up one Toho go through the ruler bead pick up another Toho and go back through catching it and go all the way back down through hoops keep getting caught there in my own and my own bead weaving just make sure you turn this around for you okay so I had just picked it picked up my Toho and we go all the way back down through back down through that first hole of the second Pyramid bead and you pick up one Touhou and connect it and another and go back through now this time going all the way up and you have your thread coming out at the top of your pyramid bead and now I'm just going to go back down through that second hole and I'm just going to repeat that entire process so I'm gonna do a couple more and then I'm going to show you how to attach the clasp really quick okay so I just add it on just one extra unit just because I want to quickly show you how to do the clasp portion here so but you will just continue weaving for the length of bracelet that you want so I'm coming out here of that first hole of that last pyramid bead that I strung so now I'm just going to create a thread bridge and I'm gonna go down through that second hole and I'm going to pick up one Toho and go back up through and I'm gonna pick up one more Toho and go back down through and this time I want to try to catch that first Toho bead at the bottom there so I want to go through the pyramid and through that Toho and now what I'm going to do is I'm going to pick up six Toho beads and one closed jump ring and now I'm going to go through the touhou at the top and the touhou at the bottom and pull fairly tightly you're gonna want to get your needle through all the Toho's there just for an extra security and go all the way back down through and now this time come out just the bottom of the pyramid there so don't go through that last touhou on this one so we've captured our closed jump ring there and now all we have to do is just sort of weave in our thread so I'm just gonna create a thread bridge there and try to come up not catching another bead go and just get my thread back through there and now what I'm gonna do is just create a little surgeon's knot to catch my thread and now I'll just wait a bit down in through there all right there we go just snip that off real quick there you go okay so now just to quickly finish that up all I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take an open jump ring and just open that with my two pliers there string it on to the closed jump ring and to one end of the magnetic clasp and close that jump ring so that's it that's just how you finish off the bracelet and your thread tail over here all you'll have to do is do the full loop and add your jump ring and then add the other side of this clasp and you're good to go to get the full list of supplies and to find more projects and videos visit you

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