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hi this is Alexandra at beadaholique you show you how to make the Laguna lace agate earrings they're named for this beautiful stone that has wonderful matrix in it and it's enhanced with some pink to really bring that out and so here's the earring that I've made and we're gonna replicate that the first thing that I'm gonna do is take my Rolo chain a three millimeter Rolo chain and cut it into portions of two inches and two and a quarter inches I'll also be using some 24 and 28 gauge wire and some 11o Toho seed beads alright so I've got my two sections of chain and I'm gonna begin by putting them onto my four millimeter jump rings close that one up at the other side I chose him a tight wire and gunmetal for the contrast I liked how I picked up the again the matrix in the stone so I've got those attached and ready to put on and next I'm going to cut my wire I'm gonna get six inches of 24 gauge wire and 12 inches with a 28 gauge wire I'm gonna thread those both first through one of the jump rings of my chance and then through my stone I'll pull those most of the way through them and I want to get my go the other way get my other jump ring on there so this is the easiest way there we go make sure my chains are facing the right way for draping yeah that looks about right so now that I have my chain with the jump rings on there I'm going to recenter my wire in this stone so I'll be pulling more of the 28 gauge wire out so that they're evenly placed they angle one side off as a stopper so that I can work more solidly on this side and to begin I'm going to take my 28 gauge wire and coil it three times around the 24 gauge wire three come around a fourth time actually and then I'll be ready to put my first seed bead onto my 28 gauge wire and brace that seed bead on there and then I'm going to coil again one two three I'm going to come around the fourth time it will leave three coils between each bead so I'll add my next one do this up to side of that 24 gauge wire to add six beads using my fingernail to tuck it down in there put on my next one and as you can see there's some space between there that I would like to close up so I'm going to grip with my plier here and pull down a little bit just scooch those beads together and then I'll keep going I'll put six beads and then start on the other side I'm on my last bead on this side go ahead and do my final coil here 2 3 4 again I'm gonna grip the 24 gauge wire with my flat plier and pulled them down a little bit and gauge my spacing there it looks like they come a little far over so again I'm going to scoot it down make space for my other side to come up with the beads now I'm ready to move over to this side so I flip the earring over and start the same process I'm around to the fourth time put on my beat well my sixth bead now and it gets easier and easier the farther I come up for the wrapping one just scoot them down again get the spacing even go ready for my last bead you know it's for reps now let's check my spacing I'm gonna do a little scooch in there we go all right so now I'm ready to clip my thin wires 28 gauge wire comes off now bring the two over the top and wrap them together the same way I would have real that I'm gonna angle up off the top and coil around with the other wire come around about three times and clip that extra round nose pliers I'm going to loop off the top and I'm going to go angling sideways to take into account the direction of my ear wire go back around the base mmm to clip and tuck my wire and put on the earhook lyrica indian set of the guru lace agate earrings this project bundle in these materials are available at thanks for watching you

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