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hi this is Alexandra with beadaholique to make the Gemini zodiac purse hanger you can see here that I've made one using the Sagittarius constellation in a slightly different style we've got one person that holds up and another that hangs down like so this one's got a slightly larger bezel that we're going to be working with I've got the Nunn designs collage sheet with the astrological configurations here and for this project I'm going to choose Gemini so I'm going to take the 10 the bezel template and lay it down and we use the size 29 circle and go ahead and trace it and cut I like this project because very customizable can make a nice gift for somebody using their jealousy its ability excise all right circle I always like to use a slightly larger circle than I think that I'll need because cutting it out tends to shrink it a bit you'll notice also that my design is smaller than the bezel and I liked discovering that even with some remnants of print and color from the other designs the 2 millimeter ball chain that I'm going to use to frame it will cover that nicely so to get that set in there and we use diamond glaze which act as a good glue and sealant and with this tip I'm just gonna get a little bit on there not too much and set my image I'm going to want this to dry for about 15 minutes at the beginning I'm going to monitor the edges because it's water-based so you'll see that it's lifting the paper up along the sides and that's where my toothpick is going to help me press it down I don't mind that the diamond glaze is going around the edges because we'll be applying more when we put the chain in after this lip layer has dried so this is the glue stage I'll get it set in there and then in about 15 minutes apply it another layer and sit in our chain frame so it's been about 15 minutes and I see that the diamond glaze has dried hard and clear underneath our image I also notice as I'm applying the second layer of glaze here I'm going to want to be careful not to overfill because this bezel is a little shallower than this one so let's give it a try I'm going to fill the bezel with a thicker layer now sometimes when this happens it's helpful to open up the glue or the toothpick or a wire get that dried stuff out if you go it is milky but dries clear so I'm going to apply a layer here spread it as I go after the edges I'm not squeezing the jar anymore I'm just letting it spread a little more there all right like I said I don't want it spilling over the edges so I'm going to be conservative that bubble out I'm going to start with my longer darker layer of chain and this length is 4.25 inches so using the glaze as an anchor and carefully lay my chain in and this is where my toothpick also comes in handy to retract those balls around the edge to get just the right fit and I experimented beforehand to cut the right number of balls there's our first layer tucked in and I'm ready to add my second one same thing tuck it with my toothpick the ball sort of rigid themselves in and lay nicely between each other tuck those together and they sit like a puzzle all right so I'll let that dry for about three hours until it's clear and hard and then I'll have this glossy finish and there's the Gemini first holder these project bundles and all of these materials are available at thanks for watching you

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