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Hi, this is Kat with to flat memory wire so what I have here is a finished earring and this is what we're going to be making in the video it's really nice and simple but it's really fun so this uses like I was saying the flash memory wire so I have a couple coils here so this is what we're going to be using to cut off that memory wire and then for this particular design I'm using six inches each for each earring of the cup chain now if you wanted you could make it a little bit shallower or you could go possibly all the way around if you wanted to do something like that however if you wanted to do more you'll need to purchase additional cup chains and less of course you'll be okay so I've already cut my two pieces of cup chain into six inch strips so when you get your cup tune you'll just cut it right down the middle and just make sure that your cups are even for both alright so I'm going to actually set one of those pieces aside there and I have my flat memory wire here and this is more than enough to do both earrings but I'm going to show you how I'm going to cut it because that's very important for this particular design so as you can see if I kind of open it up the coils sort of mash up and to end what you're going to want to do is you're going to want to get at least one full loop of memory wire which means I'm going to cut about right there so I'm going to use my memory wire cutters and you don't want to use regular flush cutters for this because they're just not strong enough so I'm just going to give it a nice squeeze there we go and I can set my excess aside so this is what I'm working with now as you can see if I lay it side-by-side here this is definitely a much closer gap than what I'm actually going to be needing but you're going to want that little extra slack on the end just in case your wrapping is going to be a little bit longer so you don't want to cut it too close to what the finished ends are going to be also because we're going to be using those n to make little dupe so for my top loop I'm going to take my round nose pliers and just place it right inside about I would say about a half an inch or so down on the plier to get that nice rounded loop and you're just going to bend that in towards it there we go so make sure you have a really good grip on it this wire is very stiff so let's try that again so you're just going to get a nice there we go nice grip on it and just sort of turn your wrist and keep going until you get it to meet up with your end there and now I'm just going to kind of squeeze it a little bit there we go so that is the starting position for your memory wire okay so now that we have our memory wire all set up to go we're going to start the wire wrapping so I'm going to be using the 26 gauge artistic wire and we're going to start by getting our wire up close to that loop there and just sort of doing a couple reps to anchor it before we start adding our cup chain so we're going to do is just lay it over across the top and we're just going to wrap go ahead and wrap through and this puts a little tricky you can leave yourself a little tail and actually I'm going to leave myself a little bit longer of a tail there we go and just wrap over one and just one more time okay so let me just kind of twist around in my hand I'll show you what I've done here in just a second okay so now I have just a couple wraps there on the top of my wire and this is just to help get me started so now I'm going to do I can read that tail as it is and now I'm going to do is keep going the same way so I'm going up over the top with my wire hand the first one is the toughest because you're trying to set that wire in so what you're going to it's a little slippery so what you're going to do is get that wire up and over and between that first and second cup so as you can see kind of right there you just get the wire up and over and because this is so tiny what I recommend doing is trying to do to wrap within each cup so let me get the started and then I'm going to kind of show you how easy this actually is I know it looks a little finicky but it's just these first one so as you can see I did the three in the front and then I wrapped twice through that second one there so now you just sort of keep going all the way around and just pull it through this is also why I suggest you possibly if you want to keep it on at the spool it's maybe a little bit easier to manage alright so now for that second one you go up and over and go again and up and over so that you have two wire wrapped in between each cup alright now just keep going here and I'm going to do a few more and then I'm going to kind of come back here and show you the technique a little bit easier it's them kind of difficult to get my hands out of the way but I do want to make sure that you see this but I'm just going in just a counter I'm sorry in a clockwise direction all the way around and you can also do this counterclockwise if you are left-handed or if that's more comfortable for you but just make sure that you're doing two reps in between each Cup I'm actually going to pull my wire up a little bit more onto my spool I'm at the end of my spool so it's a little little more finicky than I like it there we go okay yeah so now now we're cooking now we're getting it moving along so you just want to just keep your wire nice and taut as you're wrapping twice in between each cup so you can start to see that the wire disappears underneath it in the cup so I'm going to finish and I'm going to show you how to finish it off here when I get to the very end okay so I've kind of gotten it into a nice little rhythm here just sort of going around and the cups are setting up really nicely for me so I just kind of wanted to show you that once you get those first few on there it does get much easier and much quicker it's just kind of making sure that you have those first few wraps all set and ready to go because you want to make sure that your alignment is correct when you have your cup chain on the memory wire so I'm going to keep working and I will meet you on yours right okay so I'm just finishing out the last couple of cups here and as you can already start to see that I have much more flat memory wire less than I need so that is exactly what you're going to want okay so I'm doing the second wrap on the last one there and now I'm just going to keep going around as though there was another cup there and I'm just going to do the same as I did on the beginning side and do a little triple wrap to sort of end that and make sure that your wire when you cut it goes underneath so it doesn't poke out so we can go ahead and clip off this wire so I'm just going to get my flush cutters in there and turn the wire and if you want you can just make sure that your ends are nice and trimmed in there there we go and while in here I'm going to also trim off this wire again same thing just making sure that it is trimmed underneath all right so our wire wrapping is done the last thing we need to do is trim this wire and make that little loop now this loop is going to be going the opposite direction so that sits closer to the cups and I'll show you what I mean here in just a minute so go ahead and I would go about a half an inch or so on the memory wire careful to make sure you're a little clip doesn't go flying go so now you have about a half an inch to make that little loop now the same thing I'm going to just grip it really firmly in my pliers and now I'm going to bend it back towards the cup so we're going in the out to the direction that we were before and that you can go ahead and kind of flip it if you want a little bit more leverage on that and once you've curved it in you can kind of move it down to your pliers and pinch it so that it comes nice and tight just like so so the final touch is that we're just going to add our earring finding here you can just open it up same as you would a jump ring flip it on to the loop that faces inwards the loop that we started with and then simply just close up that loop again same as you would jump ring so there you are that is how to make a pair of hoop earrings using cup chain and flat memory wire I hope you enjoyed this video you can find more videos and many more tutorials at you

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