How to Make Bridal Bouquet Charms to Personalize Your Wedding

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Designer: Rachel Zaimont
In this video you will learn all about bridal bouquet charms, a wedding accessory that features a beloved photograph, phrase or memento set into a charm and tied onto the bouquet with a ribbon. Watch how to get three different looks using a variety of DIY mixed media techniques, including patinas, glitter, glass cabochons, crystals and glazes. Perfect for personalizing your bouquet, or as gifts for bridesmaids!
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Kat with crafted pieces made in the USA and they are cast lead-free pewter so these are a few of the pieces that we have here and they're really fun and green drill is known for little animals and very whimsical and just the 360-degree design is so gorgeous on these pieces and they're really just just one-of-a-kind and they really make your jewelry stand out so we have this one here and this is an ox Talaat which is kind of a Mexican salamander so he's got a is really kind of fun little tentacles and he's got a nice little leaf wrapped around him and kind of a little fin so it's kind of a cool little kind of whimsical piece like I said he's got a cute little face there so that is one of the beads we have another and this is just a really cute cuddly cat so you can see him right there and the whole bunnies are fairly large which is great if you're going to incorporate them into leather or various other pieces of stringing as well if you want to kind of run a chain through there so just kind of play around of how you want them to kind of sit and be adorned in your jewelry one of the things and I keep talking about the 360 here is this one really has a different style to it so the hole is drilled through the bottom there and through the top and because these are pewter they have a nice weight to them but on one side we have a bird as I rotate it says home and on the back it has a nice little nest and on the other side it says family so this is a really nice piece that you can kind of have the movable on your jewelry very nice and very fun for stringing and then I also have this honeybee and he has kind of an interesting look to him because his whole is sort of facing sideways there so you can kind of run something so you can have him Facebook front and have something be hanging or if you wanted you can have them sort of face this way and I kind of you know this is sort of the back of him you can have a beautiful strand going through on the backside there so it's kind of almost hidden through his wings very neat and then finally for this collection we have the magic bird and this is the link so it has two holes there and I created the Falcon flight necklace and these are just some gemstones and I wanted to kind of space out that necklace and really accentuate the wingspan of the bird in this particular piece but I do want to take a moment to flip it over to show you the back side and it's got a really cool backside now if you want this could be the front it's got kind of a cool Native American kind of just little filigree there and arrows so just really fun pieces these are all from green girl studios and we have many more at so be sure to check those out and we have many more video tutorials for you there as well so that is the latest ring girl I hope you enjoyed this video find out more at you

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