How to Make the Deluxe Spiral Beaded Kumihimo Bracelet Kits by Beadaholique

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video you will learn how to make the Deluxe Spiral Beaded Kumihimo Bracelet, an exclusive kit by Beadaholique. The video will take you through the entire process demonstrating how to load your bobbins with cord and beads, place them on the disk, create the non-beaded braid, how to add beads, and finally how to finish the braid ends and add a clasp. In the video Beadaholique designer Julie Bean also discusses bracelet sizing and bead count. This bracelet is available in a variety of color combinations and can be purchased as a full kit (including the disk, bobbins, and glue) or as a refill kit if you have already purchased a kumihimo kit in the past from Beadaholique.
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Hi, this is Julie with hemo bracelet kit this is an exclusive kit by beadaholique and you can find it at so here you see we've got this spiral pattern going with the czech fire polish beads and seed beads this one is a green and gold color palette and it features a magnetic clasp all of these feature that wonderful barrel magnetic clasp there's also a silver and black a turquoise and silver a gold and white a rose gold and purple and then here I'm going to make a really vibrant pink and black combination one which will be a lot of fun now when you purchase this kit you're gonna get everything you need to make this bracelet so you're going to get the disc you're gonna get eight bobbins so these are what flexible plastic bobbins look like you get eight of them because we're doing a classic eight warp kumihimo braid you're gonna get some e6000 glue to attach your clasp an entire spool of s long cord the clasp itself you see it's got that barrel inside so we have these seed beads right here they're a size eight oh and then we have these lovely Czech glass beads and then you're also gonna get this little needle and it's hard to see but it's going to help you put on your beads if you choose to use it you don't have to you can actually string your beads without it but we want to include that to make life a little easier if you wanted a couple supplies you're also going to need that aren't included but should be pretty readily available some toothpicks a pair of scissors little post-it pads this is optional this is a kumihimo weight it is made for kumihimo if you don't have one of these but you want to have a weight at the end you can just take a binder clip and a little bag of pennies and make one yourself and then you'll want a ruler as well so if you have already bought one of our kumihimo kits in the past you already have the disc in the bobbins and the glue but you want to make this design you can also just buy a refill kit which will be everything you see here too make the bracelet so that's another nice little option so before we start talking about loading our bobbins with our cord and stringing our beads on I want to talk to you for one moment about sizing because when you get a little bit of a thicker bracelet size and can be a little bit more challenging so you might have noticed these are different sizes and I just chose to make them different sizes so that you could see one that you couldn't adjust the size of your bracelet with the given ingredients in the kit but I also wanted to talk to you about how many beads to string on to your cord and bobbin to make different size bracelets so the best example is probably these two here because they are the smallest one I have in the largest one I have so if we take a ruler and we look at this green one and we lay it flat there is 6 and 1/4 approximately a little bit more than that of braid and then the clasp adds an inch so it's 7 and 1/4 inch long okay so that's what it is when laying flat when we grab a bracelet mandrel you see I've got my little marks on it that 7 and 1/4 is not even 6.5 inches on the sizing mandrel it's more like 6 and 1/4 which for my wrist I have a smaller sized wrist I love magnetic clasps okay so if it's fine it's very comfortable but I know that everybody's wrist is different so let's go ahead and look at this other one so we lay this one out and this is about 7 and a half inches of braid that class is going to make it eight and a half inches when we put it on to the bracelet mandrel we're just around seven and a half inches so basically a good rule of thumb and an easy way to remember this is however long your braid is it's going to be the size of your bracelet the added amount for the clasp that one inch is eaten up with pretty much the thickness this braid when you put it on a sizing mandrel so just keep that in mind to make this green one I put 30 beads on each strand we're going to do that here in just a minute and then for this black one I put 37 beads it roughly equals three beads per strand equals a half an inch and when you buy one of our kits you're also going to get written instructions and that will all be in the written instructions as well to help you with sizing but this was 30 beads on each strand to make a smaller one this medium one here was 33 beads and this here was 37 beads so that's just kind of a good way to think about it and like I said you'll get full instructions as well with this kit so I think for the one I'm going to make in this video I'll put 33 beads on each strand and so we're gonna start by cutting our cord and I want 35 inches of cord per strand so let me show you how to use this bobbin so it is flexible plastic and you basically just press down towards the inside of it it pops open and then you snap it shut and what you're going to do is you're going to take your cut piece of cord and if you want you can put a little piece of tape right here to tape the cord but I find with this particular project I don't need that my beads are not that heavy and I have enough cord so I just wound it around and then I'm gonna snap it shut and then you're going to take this and you're gonna put 33 beads well you'll pick this side the number of beads you want based upon the size you're gonna make but for me on this project I'm going to do 33 beads onto each strand now if it's just the seed beads it is super easy to just pick them up like this you don't need a needle if you want the needle on you can but it's really easy the check fire polish can be a little bit more challenging to put through this goes pretty smoothly if you want we are providing a needle and this is a flexible wire needle and it has a little eye and you can just put your cord through it like so and then you've now got a needle to pick up your beads so you can just do that and pull it down and it'll end up on your court and so you're going to do 33 of them and so I'm not going to string these all here on this video the video become way too long but what you want to do is you want all eight of your bobbins completely filled with the cord and the beads and you're gonna want 35 inches of cord per bobbin on four of them you want 33 black beads on each and on four of them you want 33 of these pink beads so 33 seed beads and then on the other four the 33 of the czech fire polish and once you have that we're gonna actually start our braiding so I'm just going to keep stringing these and then once they're all ready we'll reconvene and I'll show you how to make the braid so we've got all eight of our bobbins loaded with beads so the key to braiding beaded kumihimo is you preload all your beads and so we've got the four strands and bobbins with the czech fire polish beads 33 each and then we've got the four with the seed beads again 33 each so here is what it looked like when I just loaded it now I'm gonna pop it back open and I want to tuck most of these beads inside the bobbin just so that there's a few hanging out on the outside and I do that so that my bobbins don't end up too long and get tangled when I put them on them on the board on the disc so I'm gonna do that for all of these I was popping it open sliding most of them in and leaving a few out and you can see how I can just pull my cord which is really nice and convenient so it's nice that you do have a lot of options when working with these bobbins nothing is permanent so if you ever did change your mind and want to add more beads later you can definitely do that so that's nice too but we're just getting these all set okay and you'll be able to reuse these bobbins time and again for future projects and you're going to have a lot of cord left over from this kit as well that you'll be able to use for future projects okay after you've done that you're going to gather the tails of all of these and you're gonna line them up it does not have to be exact so you see some are a little longer than the others don't worry about that when I recommended that you cut thirty five inches of the cord to start with that is gonna allow for a lot of extra and is also gonna allow you to make the longest bracelet that you see here or even longer if you want to make one longer than one of these examples the 35 inches is plenty so we're just going to tie a simple overhand knot right near the ends and pull so now they're all connected and we're gonna take our disk now we're ready to position our cords on our desk disk so you always want to start with a 32 up at top with that first placement dot and the 16 is going to be down at the bottom you're gonna feed your knot through the center so it comes out the other side and at this point if you want to you can attach a weight to it as well or you can wait to attach that wait until you've positioned your cords that's a preference thing so in order to obtain a spiral design like you see here you're going to want a check fire polish on either side of the 32 dot and on either side of the 16 so two strands two strands so that's your four strands and then over here you're going to want your seed bead strands on either side of the 8 and the 24 you could also reverse that and do the seed beads on the 32 and the 16 and the czech fire polish on the 24 and the 8 the important thing is that the coordinating strands are opposite each other so let's go ahead and we see that we've got the seed bead 1 right here and either side of the 8 here's a Czech fire polish one don't worry if you've got some tangling happen and happening it's not a big deal it's going to work itself out so I'm going to position this on either side of I'm gonna put that one on the 32 where's another one here's another fire polish on the other at 32 let's stretch across so we've got the seed bead over near the 24 here's another fire polish another fire polish and that leadeth assess one more seed bead so now pull your knot so it's in the center and then pull your strands there we go and then if you lift this up double-check sow seed beads together fire polish together fire polish together seed beads together and at this time you definitely do want to put your weight on if you're using one so this is our starting point so I'm going to stay on you might hear a little rustling here because I want these guys off the table as I do this we are going to start by braiding about half an inch without beads and the way you do a classic eight warp kumihimo braid is you're gonna lift the strand the cord out of the notch that's to the left of the sixteen between the 16 of the 17 you're gonna pull it up to the notch that's to the left of the thirty-one and now you've got three strands up top one at the bottom so now you need to get a second one down to the bottom so you're going to pull the far right strand which is between the 32 and the 1 and pull it down so it's to the right of the 15 and then you're going to rotate your disc and we're rotating counterclockwise and now we're going to go ahead and pull the left strand to the left of the 24 out across the board up to the top and put it to the left of the 7 and now we've got three and one so we need to make sure that we have two and two by the time we're done with this rotation so we're going to go ahead and pull the Strand out to the right of the 8 and pull it down to the right of the 23 and rotate in a really easy way to remember this is just bottom left to top left top right to bottom right and rotate you're gonna just repeat that over and over again and that is the basic kumihimo braiding step that's all there is so bottom left to top left top right to bottom right rotate and you'll start to end up being able to go really fast and now if you find that your bobbins are a little bit too long and getting tangled all you need to do is go bottom left to top left and since you've got the three stereos at top here you know where you've left off on your braid so then you can go ahead and you can either put this down if you want and you can wind in a little of the cord you'll do the same thing when you need more beads you'll just put your just down for a minute pop out more beads and wind your bobbin and then when you pick it up again it wouldn't matter how you picked it up you would know okay I left off with three strands up top so now to continue my braiding I just take that top right down to the bottom right and rotate and then you just continue and this is a very zen-like activity I heard a lot of people um compare it to like knitting or crocheting is something that you can just really enjoy doing as maybe you're talking with friends or watching a little TV it's just a very soothing activity because it's this repetitive action and it just becomes second nature it's just always bottom left top right I'm sorry bottom left top left top right bottom right rotate it's same step over and over and you're gonna see here in a minute when I show you how to add beads that this basic step and technique never changes there's just an added little small step of adding the bead so let me show you what we've got here and before I stop to show you I'm gonna make sure that I end in a place that I'll know where I left off so again that bottom left a top left I've got the three up top the one at the bottom and this is what we've got so far so you see that nice little braid coming about and gonna do a little bit more before I start adding beads and the reasoning for that is we want to make sure we have a non beaded portion that's going to fit into the inside of our clasp so let me just do a little bit more and there's so many different things you can do with this technique and actually with the beads provided in this kit if you wanted to you can even do a segment that was just seed beads before you even got into the spiral design and the way you would do that is by loading a set number of seed beads on all eight strands braiding all of them and then just loading your bobbins like I showed you here with four strands with the czech fire polish and four strands with the seed beads and then at the end you would just have the same set number of seed beads that you would add to the end so that would be a way to make your bracelet even longer if that's a little confusing it would just look like your normal bracelet here but you'd have a segment that was just the seed beads which could be really pretty to you to almost be creating like a focal of the spiral and I'll go into more detail about that as well and the written instructions that come with the kit okay so let's see how much we have okay that's perfect that's all you're going to need for the non beaded portion so to add your beads you're going to take a bead and slide it all the way up take it out of that notch and as you're putting it over to the top you're just gonna let that little bead drop and you're gonna catch it under the thread that's going across so you see how that's just catching and now you're just going to continue to place your thread where you would have normally without a bead and you're gonna do the same thing for the next one just let that little bead pop down into the well catch shit under that other warp thread these are warps this is an eight warp braid and then rotate and do the same with the next one so just slide a little bead up let it fall into the well and catch it under that warp bridge on your way to putting it at the top but if you notice my technique has not changed at all nor has the positioning of my cords again let it slide down and then rotate and I'm going to do a little bit here on camera so that you can start to see the actual spiral pattern take place is that delightful little clanging sound two of those Poppins and you might notice me occasionally tugging at my cords so here we go you notice let me see when I might need to do it okay so I'm dropping that bead down so I might just tug like this ever so slightly and I'm just tugging right under here and that's just keeping my knot or not my not my well it is my knot but my braid in the center of that disc okay let's see after the next one if we have enough to see our spiral pattern okay let's see yeah you're starting to be able to see it take shape and that's what you're gonna continue doing until you've used up all the beads on your bobbins and then you're gonna do another small little amount that is without the beads and that's gonna allow you to put the other side of your clasp on so I'm going to just keep on braiding adding beads in this exact same way and the same technique until I have a nice long braid I've done my actual beaded braid right here so this is what it looks like there's that black and pink spiral and it's super soft and flexible which is really nice now I want to show you the transition back from beaded to non beaded and it's the same process except for now you don't have beads on your bobbins anymore and you would just go ahead and continue your braiding just the same as normal now let me put one more strand up top to hold my place oh do you want to give you one more tip so once you've done this much go ahead and if you're making this for yourself put it on your wrist if you think you need to make it bigger you can still do so so what you would do is before you start the non beaded portion you would simply add more beads to your strands just by opening up your bobbins string on your beads and closing them again and then you can continue to make this longer and beaded so you just want to kind of do that a quick little sizing before you go to the non beaded portion and do remember the size of your clasp is almost an inch so count for that as well but if you're happy with your length you just will continue to do a non beaded braid portion that will be that about half an inch again which is going to allow you to attach it to the clasp and you see how this is really nice it's just really weaving those yawns together I'm just gonna do this myself so then I can remove it from the disk and if you find that your bobbins get tangled and/or start to fall off at this point don't worry about it they're no longer holding beads I sometimes just pull my strands out of the bobbins and let the strands hang down from the notches okay let's see what we've got I just ended a stopping point where I know where I left off all right that will actually do that's long enough so let's go ahead and take this out off of our disk so what I like to do is I like to pull my bobbins off first I'm just literally pulling them off okay I'm gonna hold my braid and pull the strands off and out of their notches I'm done with my disc and then I take this and I do another knot okay and I try to have that knot position fairly close to where the braiding ends so a quick note about your length let's look at this you'll probably notice that we started with the 35 inches and there appears to be a lot of waste of extra cord so I do this for two reasons one is for the instructions for this particular kit I wanted to make sure you had enough cord to make a longer bracelet so I didn't want to have to tell people you know if you're doing a six inch bracelet cut this much cord if you're doing seven and eight cut x-number it's better to have one length also what I find is with these bobbins you need to have a good amount of cord in here to anchor it so it doesn't slip out on you if you only have say like this much like an inch you're gonna notice start to make a wider loop and it just pulls out really easily now you can counter that by taping it in there so if you want to use a little less cord you would just definitely need to make sure that you tape your end in here I did this particular braid without having to tape it because I knew I had extra cord but you will just be either discarding this or saving it for another project if you want to keep your strands if you use short strands for something else so that's just a quick note about that length so let's now go ahead and start to finish up our bracelet and attach our clasp so you need a couple things here you're going to need of course your braids you're gonna need your clasp separate it out and the reason I tell you to do this is there is a very strong magnet set into this barrel you got that hollow inset and it is sealed but once in a great while I have seen it where a little bit of glue cuz we're gonna be putting glue on the inside has seeped out this end doesn't happen very often but if you were to have this closed it could potentially be glued shut so let's separate that out and make sure it stays separated until your bracelet is completely dry and I would say that's gonna be about 24 hours for this glue to fully cure and dry so you'll notice that the diameter of our barrel is wider than the diameter of our non beaded braid so we need to bulk that up it's really simple to do go ahead and take one of your leftover strands if you have one that's long enough it needs to be at least 12 inches this is of course more than that so now we're gonna put it under our our end here and we're going to loop it and we are going to tie a knot and we want to tie it knot right up against the beads but between 1/8 and a quarter of an inch down and pull that snug and then tie another knot I'm gonna do a double knot okay so what we've done is we've helped to secure that braid with a knot going around it but we're also now starting to add to the actual width of the braid and that's what we're gonna do is we're gonna bulk this up by tying a series of knots now I know sometimes what you can do is you can actually tie a couple knots and then wind this around to add some extra width that's definitely one way of doing it I actually like to just tie a bunch of knots I might do a little bit of winding but for the most part I'm just doing knot and I'm trying to vary which side the knot sits on and this is what's going to create a better anchor and a better fit for the clasp because the clasp is very much in scale with the beaded portion of your braid but like I said it is bigger and wider than the non beaded and I'm actually going to just show you how to do this to one end simply because it is the same exact technique you're going to do for both ends you can see what's happening if you compare the two sides you also want to make sure that you don't end up creeping down here because you want to stay within the length of this half of the clasp as well okay I'm just gonna do a couple more and then we're going to be ready to cut it and glue it okay trim the tails and at this point you can also trim this braid don't trim it too close to your knots because you don't want to accidentally cut them oh that sticks to my scissors have fun and then make sure that it's not longer than your class cut right through your braid and now we're gonna add some glue this is e 6000 there's a really strong glue we use a lot for a lot of different projects it comes sealed and there's a little point on the cap and you simply push that point into the top of the glue to break the seal and we're gonna put some out on our little note pad here and we're going to take a toothpick and we're gonna apply the glue to the inside of the clasp itself and we're gonna get it around the edges as well as down towards the base and be fairly generous with this glue you want to make sure that it's gonna grip to your braid so the ends of your braids to the knot that you did you want to make sure that you've got enough glue in there to really create a secure bond okay so looks very messy right we are just gonna hide all that mess inside by just shoving it in there until is right up against your beads and we're just gonna let that dry so that is one half of our class I do want to show this bracelet complete but I figure if you need a refresher on how to do that knotting technique please just rewind this video I'm going to do this other side off-camera to save a little bit of time here and then I'll come back and I will show you your finished bracelet our bracelet is done yay and I'm not gonna go ahead and close because I do want to let it dry but I want to show you it finished so there's the pink and black one and then just again we have the black and silver the green and gold the white and gold the blue the turquoise and silver and this really pretty purple and rose gold so all of these you would create with the exact same techniques that you saw in this video and these again are exclusive kits by beadaholique available at and these are titled the deluxe spiral beaded kumihimo bracelet kit so you'll find them on the website as well as a lot of other kumihimo kits and other exclusive kits as well thank you so much for watching we hope you enjoyed it you

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