How to Make the Byzantine Window Necklace and Earring Set

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Designer: Alexandra Smith
In this video, you will learn from start to finish how to create the Byzantine Window necklace and earring set. You will see how to a bead weave the centerpiece, attach chain and a glass drop, and make the matching earrings.
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hi this is Alexandra with beadaholique to the Byzantine window necklace and earring set for this project I'll be using some 11 o & 8 o Toho Demi round beads some to whole rule of these Czech glass drops for the necklace and earring some Rolo chain and for tool that got my bead snips flush cutters couple pairs of pliers put fire line and somewhere you can see here I've made a version of his design using the amethyst luster beads with some frosted white and silver and we'll do the Topaz version here fit it again I'm going to cut two feet of my fire line and thread my needle okay I'm going to begin by taking on these on my way to 11 Oh Demi rounds with my little beads closer alternating with my Rula beads two and one to one until I have all five little beads on there bring those down toward the end of my thread and tie the mock using a double over here knot if a good manager I didn't add an extra one when I can't reinforce by threading my tail through and not again I like to make an extra for security make sure that lands in between the beads I want and go now I feel a little more confident about clipping my tail and to continue you see here I've got a bit of a star or flower formation going and the next step is to come up to the second hole of my ruler next to where my thread comes out bring that thread up and through so I'm passing through the second hold of the beads I'm going to work my way around by threading on alternating pattern above the leather nose and a toe beads until I have three a toes nestled between the 11 O's go bring it up through the hole of my adjacent ruler and they begin to fill my spaces you just that way an 800 1108 oh I don't have a no you know and so forth and again the revenue given a town I always enjoy working with the touhou dem around because it's a nice way they fit in between each other and other beads and make for a really clean concise look work my way around one more section 11:08 oh the revenue al 11 any love so we can write out between my Rula and my 11 on the other side and now what I'm going to do to start to create this little triangle on that comes up we're to take on six eleven o beads followed by one a Oh bring those down and then I'm going to double back through three of the eleven OPH so I'm trapping my a dough bead on the end and it can act as a go-between for my chain and my drop when I'm ready to add those on I've got that and now I'm going to add three more eleven o beads before I send the thread back I'm backtracking now I'm coming over the ruler and back through the previous section of gonna round trained my needle through all of those bees heading backwards that's going to trap my little arm on and have it sit up nice and symmetrically off of the rola bead I'm going to do that again here took six eleven o beads one a Toby and before I add anything else on going to double back through three of those eleven o beads yeah if you get it so that you're needing to pull the tension tight I just lay my piece down grip my 8 o bead and pull and that will get it nicely tight take my piece up again I'm going to add more over the nose three more and I'm coming back over that ruler and through the previous section of 30 rounds create my second little triangle bomb connection and now what I'm going to do is skip a ruler so that I get down to where I'll be adding my drop get my threads back through and I've landed at the bottom you will love it my drop will hang symmetrically off the bottom and now I'll do the same thing again 6:11 owes one a tile goes down and double back through three of my 11s keeping my finger pressed on there so that I get my tension whoops we're still a little loose so I'm gonna do the same thing set my pace down squirt my a toe bead and pull get my side nice and tight and now I'm ready to add the last three and double back skipping over the Rula and coming through that section of the new rounds we almost mated I've got one more 11 out here to get through mm-hmm now I'm ready to tie off my thread I've created my beaded focal so I'm just going to tie that off like so get the knot nestled in between the beads and again to reinforce it we're ready to clip next I'm going to assemble the necklace by attaching the chain up the top and adding the drop down below and so for that I have some jump rings here and go ahead and attach my little chain I've got a couple of pre-cut lengths on each of these measures about got eight inches and I'm going to use this a toe stand around as my little attachment you go on the side so you can see that a design which looks a little more complicated at first once you get started it really becomes quick simple just a lobster clasp these four millimeter jump rings are a good size for all the different parts of the piece with the size of a lobster it can even be the one it hooks on to so I just kept what the same size jump ring all around and for the last steps here you're just going to wire wrap the drop here and also do the same thing for the earring that goes and take some my 24 gauge wire and get about three inches for each wrap bring one longer side over either across and off the top rotate a couple times put my extra and create my loop off the top here before I close it going to latch that on to my last third Ito bead and double back over my wraps finish off that wrapped wire loop so there's my completed necklace to make earrings to go it's just a simple matter matching these up I was inspired to name the piece Byzantine window because of the architectural formation it reminded me of and also the type of the stained glass aspect of this Czech glass click angle the dress watch that on and quayle it hmm there's my second set the topaz version hope you enjoyed this video these project bundle supplies and tools are all available at thanks for watching you

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