How to Bead Weave on the CenterLine Cuff with Two Needles

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Designer: Rachel Zaimont
In this video you'll learn how to embellish a CenterLine Cuff with seed beads using a two-needle bead weaving method. The CenterLine Cuff is an adjustable metal cuff bracelet with a beadable window, perfect for bead weaving or wire wrapping. With this technique you can get the look of a beaded wrap bracelet, but on a sleek metal form!
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hi this is Rachel if beadaholique and in this video I want to show you how to bead weave on the center line cuff this is a really cool bracelet finding it's an adjustable metal bangle and it has this Center window here that's beatable so it has 23 sets of holes on either side and you can do wire wrapping or bead weaving lots of different ways to embellish this cuff I'll just show you one that I already made this is the silver plated version and I just use two sizes of delicas and here's their size 11 oh and size 10 oh and they're just woven into that Center rectangular window widths and my mo thread so I'm going to show you how to do this you will need a centerline cuff and I'm going to show you how to do this on the gold plated version you'll need some naima thread in size D I'm using black you'll need some delica beads I'm using size 11 o in metallic teal iris and I'm also using some czech tri cut beads in gold and you will need two needles size 12 and some thread snips and you'll also need some G's hypo cement glue so let's get started the first thing that I want to show you is just a quick tip here I have a pair of pliers and it's just a really easy base to hold your cuff in place while you're working so I'm just going to hold that cuff in place to keep it steady on this pair of pliers now the first thing you want to do is take your name o and take out about two-and-a-half or three feet of thread and cut that and now you want to thread a needle on each end of the thread there's one and there's two so take both of your needles and the first thing is you want to sew up through the first set of holes in the cuff I'm actually going to take it off of the pliers to do this first step so just find the first set of holes in the bracelet and get your needles up through them and then just pull so the center of the thread kind of hug the back of the cuff I'm going to put it back on my base and now we're going to start adding beads first make sure your threads aren't crossed so I'm going to pick up one delica one czech glass tri cut bead and another delica and slide it on to the first needle and now I'm going to take my second needle and just hold those beads steady and cross my needle through these three beads and I'm just going to pull and now these beads are just going to sit in the beginning of this rectangular window next thing I'm going to do is sew back down through this very first hole that I just speed it through first on one side and then on the other side I'm going to pull that and next I'm going to sew up through the adjacent hole so the second hole lining the center window again again on both sides just go up through that next hole and so now your first row of beads is on the bracelet so I'm just going to repeat that again I'm going to pick up a delica a Czech glass seed bead and another delegate slide it down and again I'm going to take my other needle and cross it through the beads and pull and then pull both sides and get those beads nice and securely in that window and now first with one needle back down through the hole that I just came out of same thing on the other side so back down through that same hole the second hole that we're working with and pull and now so up through the next hole the third hole first on one side and then on the other side and you're just going to keep going keep on adding beads in this fashion and as you can see your threads are going to go horizontally between the holes on the back of the bangle and along the front you're just going to have rows of beads sitting in the middle of that window so keep on going adding your beads and I'll see you back here to show you how to finish the bracelet so I'm almost done adding my beads I'm just the last row to do and one of the things that I love about the center line cuffs is that it really mimics the look of those beaded wrapped bracelets the only difference is that instead of wrapping your beads on to leather cord you're actually wrapping them on to this really cool sleek metal frame so it's a really nice sophisticated look alright just do in my last row and I'm just doing a very simple two color beading pattern here but you can do any pattern you like it is just wide enough for about three delicas in there but there's plenty of pattern making you can do with three beads alright so at the end of the last row both of your thread should be coming out the back of the bangle so I'm going to go ahead and take it off of my base here I'm going to take my needles off of the thread so at this point all your beads are on your threads are coming out the back and you're just going to make a knot in the back of the bangle to secure it careful that your threads getting a little bit tangled so I'm going to make a surgeon's knot back here for extra security as long as the Nilo cooperate all right there we go so make sure your knot is nice and tight before you pull it and then once you have your knot tied take your hypo cement and just add a little dab of glue to the knot and then go ahead and take your thread snips and cut off your thread tails and you'll want to wait for the glue to dry and make sure your tails are trimmed nice and close against the bracelet but now your bracelet is done so this is one method of weaving your beads onto a centerline cuffs using two needles I'm really looking forward to trying it with one needle I think there are all different ways that you can get beautiful beads onto these really cool metal cuffs so you can find all of these supplies at thanks so much for watching you

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