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Hi, this is Julie with stone beads so what you're going to need is you're going to need these pinch bail earring findings and they actually come in even more styles than what i have here but these are two of my favorites and they do come in a gold plate and a silver plate couple earring hooks and then gemstones and I picked out this strand of impression Jasper and it comes with all these different colors which is a great idea if maybe you're gonna turn these into gifts and you want to make it different a bunch of different ones it's nice you have all these gemstones on one strand so I'm going to cut this off and I'm gonna play for a second pick my colors so I was thinking for the gold purple would be really pretty I know that the blue would also be quite pretty as well let's do the purple and then I'm gonna go with the lighter more turquoise blue for the silver so to use these guys you all you have to do is pull them apart and you see you've got these prongs and you're gonna slip your bead into them and then just pinch them together like that and they are captured and I'm using a 10 millimeter gemstone here so again just gonna pull it apart and slip it between the prongs and with the twist once it helps if you just twist it a little bit more to keep that really nice and tight so I've got both of those captured going to just open up the earring hoop alright like that I'm just opening that little loop like a jump ring slide it on and close it back up so the only tool I needed was a pair of chain nose pliers so that was a very quick and easy project and I'm gonna do the gold ones too so same exact premise just go ahead and open up and slip on your bead and you can use crystal be you can use pearls you can do whatever you want and then just pinch it shut and I would say that these probably cost under $5 each to make by the time you use all your gemstones and everything because the findings themselves are very inexpensive even though they look beautiful and they don't look inexpensive they're very reasonably priced so slide on that earring hook same thing here and just like that we have a second pair of earrings so that is how you very quickly and easily make pinch bail gemstone earrings you can find all these supplies as well as other quick and easy tutorials at you

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