How to Make Hair Pins with Metal Roses and Swarovski Crystal Pearls

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Designer: Kat Silvia
Skill Level: Beginner
In this video you will learn how to make easy hair pins using light weight aluminum roses and Swarovski Crystal Pearls. These pins are perfect for bridesmaids and special occasions. Just choose your favorite color combinations and make pairs for all your friends.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Kat with Ickx ohm any of and I actually recommend these four bridles or special occasions so you can make a lot of different pins and sort of make that part of your hair so really really simple you just need a few items to do this so I'm going to be using e6000 glue today and I have just a little post-it note here just to take care of my work surface I also have a toothpick and you just need one pair of chain nose pliers and I'm going to be using a pair of tweezers today as well so just to let you know what I have here these are 12 millimeter and these are the aluminum metal embellishment flowers I have four millimeter swarovski pearls and we have a lot of different colors in these so you can definitely choose and mix and match your favorite and then I have silver-plated bobby pins with a gluon pad that comes attached now I did pull some of the other colors of our metal embellishment roses and again I did say that you could use this for bridal jewelry or bridesmaid jewelry so we do have a lot of colors to help you coordinate that you can also paint these with like a vintage patina and seal it so you can actually make it a little bit more of a color that's to your liking now if you are going to paint the whole flower I do recommend getting the silver because that will sort of act as a little bit more of a base of a white so just some fun stuff to do with that I also do have just one other example of using the metal flowers and this is just a ring I did a little while ago and this is one of our more popular designs and I think it's just it just looks really pretty so you can actually make matching jewelry if you want for your bridesmaids okay so let's actually get started here now this is actually really easy so like I said these are made of aluminum so they're really really lightweight which means they're really pliable so what you're going to do is you're just going to take your chain nose plier and all you're going to do is bend back those three Center petals and you'll notice there's a hole in between there and you can actually sew down into this if you're adding it to another piece if you like so very easily I'm just going to get a little bit of glue onto my work surface here just squeeze that out and now all I'm going to do is I'm going to take and do a little dab of glue and I'm going to want to carefully set it down into my little rose you don't want to do too much because you don't want it to sort of pop through but you just kind of want to get enough glue down in there to help secure that pearl now fairly quickly you're going to want to pick up a pearl and you're going to pick it up so that of course I said quickly there we go so that the holes are going across this way and you're just going to place it down into your little rose there and just sort of press that down in there so it just sort of sits and then this is where your tweezers will come in handy because you can kind of rotate it so that you don't see those little holes and then either with your fingers or with your pliers you're just going to want to slightly Bend those petals kind of back in just to sort of secure it there and again you can just kind of like I said it's very moldable so you can just kind of use your fingers just like so so that's your little rose with your pearl set into it I do recommend letting this dry for just a little bit but I'm going to move on for the purposes of my video so all you're going to do now is take a little bit more of that glue and you're going to want a good size of it right onto the center of that pad there you can spread it out just a little bit there we go and now very simply you're just going to sort of place your rose on there and just press down there you go just make sure it's nice and centered and there you are all done now be sure to let this dry at least 24 hours before putting it in your hair also you'll want to make sure that it's nice and secure and I just want to show you this is the example I did earlier today and that east 6000 glue that's really tight on there so you shouldn't have any trouble with it popping off or anything so it really does create a nice strong bond so there you go you can make a lot of these and you'll get a lot of flowers and a lot of pearls when you purchase one of the lots from us and you can make a ton of them for bridesmaids friends girls anything you like I hope you enjoyed this video you can find all of these supplies and more videos at you

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