How to Make Four Unique Pairs of Clip On Earrings

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Designer: Alexandra Smith
In this video, you will see from start to finish how to make four different quick and easy earring designs using clip on earring findings. These simple and stylish design ideas can work with a wide variety of earring hooks for pierced ears as well.
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hi this is Alexandra at PETA Holly you make four unique pairs of clip-on earrings so here you can see I have an array of component and four styles of earrings that are very different but come together quite easily so what I want to do is one by one make these with you we've got the spiral clip on earring here I've got the copper luster clip-on earrings I've got the gold tassel earring and finally the acrylic faux pearl earring so each of them have their own components that we'll go over as we move along for tools what I'll be using are some chain nose pliers some bent chain nose pliers I've got my round nose pliers and my flush cutters and also a little bit of e6000 glue so I'd like to move from left to right and we're going to start with the spiral clip-on earrings now I say clip-on but these styles could all go with any type of earring hook really even if you have pierced ears and so that's a good thing so I'm going to bring in all of my components here that I'll be using to make the first pair of earrings and what I have the 17 millimeter spiral clip on earring finding I've got an acetate drop and then some lengths of two inches each these are some two millimeter Rolo chains and some five millimeter jump rings so to put those together I'm going to bring in my pliers and take a jump ring just open that off to the side then I'm going to take up each of these chains that I pre-cut again they're two inches each and I'm going to alternate those with the black oxidized and the silver plated whoops I'm going to take the other end of that where the link is a little more open for me there I really liked how the alternating chain colors kind of echoes the oxidation of that spiral so all this design takes is basically a pair of flush cutters to cut your chain an open jump ring and then what we're going to do is actually we're going to close this one up and that will be its own component we're going to use a separate jump ring open that one off to the side to I'm going to take up my acetate drop slide that on slide on the loop of my earring finding and before I close it up I'll bring the jump ring from my chain attachment and latch it all together and you'll see that I put that in the back of the design so when I hold it up it lays nice and flush in the back there so we're done with our first earring so for the next one this is just going to use a two-inch head pin a 12 millimeter Scarabaeus green Swarovski crystal pearl some 7 millimeter bead caps and this ball earring finding so I'm gonna take my head pin and slide my bead oh you know what I have to do first we put my bead cap on that was what I was so happy to find was these beautiful bead caps that fit just perfectly and really pop against that green so I'm gonna put one cup in each side of that bead now I'm gonna bring in my round nose plier and to make the wrapped wire loop I'm going to grip at the top angle off at 90 degrees I'm gonna rotate my pliers up over and around and close the wrap just fill that space basic wrapped wire loop tuck in the tail if I need to looks pretty flush and then my earring finding has a little loop just as with most I'm gonna angle that off to the side slide on my bead we're done with our second earring so you can see how quickly these come together and how beautifully they turn out they'd make great gifts or if your ears are sensitive or any number of reasons that clip-ons would be good so getting easier and easier you'll see now all I have to do for this one is take the jump ring that came with this beautiful tassel and open that off to the side and just slip it onto my earring finding this is a hammered tierracast clip on earring finding now we've got our third pair of earrings done and done and for the last one all I need to do is bring in my sixteen millimeter acrylic faux pearl cabochon flat back and then I've got this 15 millimeter glue pad earring finding and so I'll take my six thousand glue my toothpick a little dab of that on and just spread a small amount onto the pad of this piece I'm gonna get it out toward the edges but not to where it's gonna go up off you don't need a whole lot for something lightweight like this I'm going to set that straight down on here make sure I got it centered in the back and to get it to dry I think what I'll do is set it up right against that post it just to make sure doesn't slip and so there we have our fourth pair of earrings just like that they came together and again they would be great for pierced ears as well if you chose different earring findings I hope you enjoyed seeing all of these earrings being made it's so quick and easy everything you see here is available at and please also subscribe to our YouTube channel for all the latest updates thanks for watching

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