Quick Tip: Using Demi Rounds as Spacers with Ginko Beads

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Designer: Alexandra Smith
This video offers ideas for incorporating Toho demi round seed beads into jewelry designs using Czech glass 2-hole Ginko beads. When used together, the size 8/0 and 11/0 demi rounds complement the curves of Ginko beads, filling in gaps and opening up new design possibilities.
Audio Transcript
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hi this is Alexandra at beadaholique for using demi rounds as spacers with ginko beads so here I have the Saratoga bracelet in two different colorways I've got frost and fire light in these beautiful matte toned ginkgo beads and what I've paired them with are some two whole brick beads and also some czech fire polish beads and then in between each of those you'll see two sizes of the Toho Demi round seed beads now I'm going to use my needle to go ahead and pick up the two different sizes for you just so you can see side-by-side on this needle the difference between the two of those and what I've done in the design here on both accounts is I've arranged the seed beads such that the little 11 o is tucked into the curve on either side of these gingko beads and then the larger 8 o bead is flush against the flat sides of these other flat beads so that's how I was able to even in a simple design like this really tuck in the spaces between the beads and create a nice full look I've found with the ginkgo beads that they're actually counterintuitive to me and the way that they're drilled I would have actually imagined that they would be drilled the opposite direction so because they're drilled up and down like this it creates a special challenge for weaving them together even in the case of a straight strung project so I was glad to discover that these Demi round beads really aid in the filling of space and creating a nice look so I also use these really beautiful tierracast heirloom to loop toggle clasps which I thought fit really well with the width of the holes on these two whole beads and I just wanted to show you that quick tip for using demi rounds as spacers with ginkgo beads in the Saratoga bracelets you can find all these beads and full instructions for the projects at beadaholique.com and please click the little bell and subscribe on our youtube channel for all the latest updates thanks for watching

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