Quick & Easy DIY Jewelry: Pumpkin Patch Bracelet

SKU VID-1725
Designer: Alexandra Smith
In this video, you will see from start to finish how to make this bracelet using European style large hole beads and Austrian crystal BeCharmed beads. You will see how to string the beads in the order shown by sliding them onto a sterling silver charm chain with Smart Bead Spacer Stoppers.

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
Note: This audio transcript is auto-generated and may not be completely accurate.
hi this is Alexandra at beadaholique with a fun seasonal bracelet design for you using some European style large hole beads and also some Swarovski crystal be charmed rondelle's so I have a lot of fun little Styles here that go with the season of fall I've got some pumpkins and leaves I've got some beautiful flowers and owls and then in between each one these are some smart bead Stoppers with little silicone inserts and those are going to help to stabilize my design now I'll be putting all of these beads onto a sterling silver snake chain and this comes with two of those beads to start already in case I need to grip the end to get those beam Stoppers on I've got a fine chain nose plier here but let's begin so all I really need to do here is take off one of these silicone beads to start I'm just gonna start stringing on my beads in the order that I've chosen and I don't have a stopper bead between every one just the ones with the larger holes sometimes it looks good to have the beads right close together and other times it's good to have them stabilized a little bit apart so these are so fun to play with and great to customize these pumpkins caught my eye right away so I'm just gonna keep stringing my beads here you can see that they go on pretty easily this beautiful filigree kind of reminded me of a pumpkin vine and if you need to if you're pushing your silicone bead on and you want to grip with your tool right there in the opening that can help you to pull your bead down as you go so these Swarovski crystals really add a nice bling they come in lots of different colors depending on your design choice these owls are by tierracast I really liked both sides of that these are very high-quality with the sterling silver chain most of these beads are pleated but the silicone bead Stoppers are sterling as well they're really nice keepsakes make really sweet gifts too I'm just gonna pull my beads down a bit you can see how it's coming together it's also fun to mix metals and enamels you know wholly calm we have a very wide assortment all different themes shapes and sizes of these fun beads so this is the pumpkin patch bracelet the bead Stoppers also come in gold color the chains themselves come in different lengths and styles this one's got a lobster clasp pull these down a bit more as I work see because you they do move but they stick pretty pretty well once you get them on there coming up on the end of my design here I'm gonna want to leave just enough space at the end so that my fingers can grip the chain to clasp the bracelet closed I get the beads to close then I wouldn't be able to reach the little lever on the lobster clasp so that's about right and then you just close it up like so and make this sweet seasonal bracelet just like that so I hope you enjoyed this video all of these beautiful beads are available at beadaholique.com and please also subscribe to our youtube channel for all the latest updates thanks so much for watching you

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