How to Make Bottle Cap Earrings Using Epoxy Sticker

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Designer: Julie Bean
Make these fun and hip bottle cap earrings using super easy epoxy stickers instead of resin. Learn how to flatten the bottle cap, apply the epoxy sticker to the art work and then the bottle cap, and attach the earring hook.
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Today I want to show you how to make these fun bottle cap earrings using epoxy stickers. For this project the tools you're going to need are a pair of scissors a pair of flat nose pliers a metal hole punch. This is a round one in 1.25 millimeters a rubber hammer, rubber mallet and a steel bench block. For this project supplies the supplies you're going to need are two bottle caps. I have them here in silver finish and I've actually already removed the liner. If you're not familiar with how to remove a liner we have an easy tutorial at showing you how to do it. I also have an earring hook set. I've chosen to use gun metal. I have a sheet of epoxy stickers. Some paris images from the paris collage sheet and I have some white Nunn Design glue. So to begin this project what you're going to want to do is flattened out your bottle caps. Now to do have another tutorial at on how to do this but it's do quick and easy I'm just going to do it here again. You just take your bottle cap turn it upside down so that the interior concave area is facing the bench block. I'm going to take my rubber mallet. I'm just going to evenly hit it. Rotate it a little bit. You can see what's happening is the actual sides are starting to curve up and over which is what you want. There you go you can see the difference I'm going to go ahead and do the second one. So now I have two which are identical. So the next thing I wanna do is I wanna go ahead and chose the image that I want use. When you get a collage sheet like this there's a wealth of images to choose from. I personally like the little eiffel tower one. I have another sheet of epoxy stickers here that I've been using. I'm going to take my pair of scissors and I'm going to cut out two stickers. I'm going to cut right through the lining on the front and back. I don't want to remove that yet. If I was to remove that right now I might get fingerprints all over my sticker which is not so bad on the front because you can use wipe that away. So I'm actually going to go ahead and take the protective layer off but on the back if was to remove the actual plastic liner that the adhesive is adhere to I'd get fingerprints all over this right now. So what you want it if you want to go ahead and use this as a template and choose where you're gonna wanna go ahead and place your sticker once you do remove it from the backing. So carefully peel away the backing. As you're doing so try not to touch the stick-um on the back of your sticker. Flip it over and very carefully lay it down on your image. I'm going to do that with the other one right now as well cause I'm making a matching pair of earrings. I'm going to cut these out. I'm first going to make a wide cut. I'm trying not to cut any of the images around it because I'll probably want to use it for another project. Once you've done that wide cut go ahead and just keep pressing the sticker onto the image and then carefully cut around the image, around a sticker. Personally I don't pre-cut my images. You could use a one inch hole punch if you wanted to and pre-cut your image. I like having the flexibility of figuring out where I wanna place the image and just make sure it lines up perfectly. Sometimes it's a little hard if you've already cut out the one inch image. You're trying to perfectly lineup this epoxy sticker. You can get a little bit off centered. You'll have a little bit of a white space or a blank space. I like just being able to just put the sticker on and then cut around it. You do have to be careful because you can actually cut the the epoxy sticker. Just work slowly and work your way around it. So one is done. cannons compress that sticker Now I'm just going to push that sticker down a little bit more. Now that you've cut out your image go ahead and really press the image and the sticker together. You wanna make sure that they have a nice tight bond. Now take your glue and you can either use a paintbrush if you want or you can go ahead and use your fingers. I personally prefer to just use my fingers and going to smear glue on the backside the paper side of my image. Go all the way to the edge. Carefully flip it over so that you are not getting any on the front and drop it into your bottle cap. I'm going to do that now with the next one. IU'm going to press this into place and then I'm going to let them dry for at least twenty minutes. Hopefully you've been patient and you've waited twenty minutes for your stickers to dry in your bottle cap settings. So now I'm going to take my hole punch and I'm going to find the middle top area and when I had a bottle cap that I punched that had not been flattened I like to punch it in the recessed area. Now when I do have one that is flattened I actually like to punch in the little bit of a raised area. I find it's a little bit easier to get the hole punch in there. Find the area I want to punch and I just punch it. Goes in and really smooth and easy. I'm going to do that on the next one. Now I'm going to take my earring hooks I'm going to open up the hoop at the bottom. Thread it through that hole and close that little loop right back up. And I have a complete earring. Go ahead and do the other side. And there you have bottle cap earrings using epoxy stickers. Go to for all of your beading supplies needs!

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