How to Make a Bottle Cap Pendant Necklace Using Epoxy Stickers

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Designer: Julie Bean
Learn how to make a bottle cap necklace using quick and easy epoxy stickers. Learn how to apply the epoxy sticker to the art work itself and then to the bottle cap. Also learn how to punch a hole in the bottle cap, attach a jump ring bail, and then attach a chain.
Audio Transcript
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Thanks for joining us here at I'm going to show you how to make a bottle cap necklace using epoxy stickers. For this project the supplies you'll need is a ball chain with a clasp. You can either buy a pre-chain or you can buy it by the foot and have as long of a chain that you like and then just buy the clasp separately. Use a six millimeter jump ring. I have one here in a antique silver plated finish. A bottle cap. I have a blue one here. has a wide array of colors to choose from. You going to need a sheet of epoxy stickers. You're going to need some images to use. I've chosen a collaged bird sheet. You're going to need some glue. I've chosen a white Nunn Design glue. The tools that you'll need are a couple pairs of pliers to open the jump ring, a pair of scissors and metal hole punch. This is a round one in one point two-five millimeters. Simple mechanism for punching through bottle caps. So to begin making your necklace I what to first go ahead and I'm going to use the same bird collage sheet. But one which is well loved already. I also have a sheet of the resin epoxy stickers which are also well loved as well as you can tell. What you want to do with these as you don't want to remove the backing or the front coating yet. You just want to go ahead and cut out one of the epoxy stickers and you want to place it on the image you want to use and look through it. Just peer through it. Get an idea of where you're going to want to position it. When you feel like you have a good idea go ahead and I find it's easiest actually to remove the front as well as the back. The front tends to get in my way but if you're ok with it you can leave the front on. Carefully peel away the backing. You can tell that these are flexible. Try not to get any fingerprints into the adhesive. Flip it over and line it up on the image how you want. Press into place. If you're worried about getting too many fingerprints you can go ahead and put your backing over it will you press it into place. Your image is now adhered to the epoxy stickers and now I'm just going to go ahead cut around it generously. Now I'm going to carefully cut along the edges of this sticker. Now it is possible to cut the epoxy sticker so you do want to be careful here Now that I have my image cut out I'm going to press it firmly to the epoxy stickers. I just want to reinforce that bond. Now want I'm going to do is take some glue. I'm going to take a little post it note, pour some onto it. At this point you can either use a paintbrush to apply it to the back of the image or I actually just like to use my finger. Make sure you get it all the way around getting over to the edges just make sure you don't any on the front side. You're handling this pretty carefully and then just drop it into your bottle cap and press it into place. Now we're going to let this dry for at least twenty minutes. Welcome back. It's been about twenty minutes and your sticker is now fully dry within your bottle cap setting. Now I'm going to take my euro punch round hole punch. Figure out where I want to the top to be and I find it will be easier if you punch into one of the little recessed areas. Just like that you feel it grab. Release. What I want to do is I want to take my jump ring open it put it into the hole close it shut. I'm going to take my ball chain open the clasp. If you're not familiar about how ball chains works it's real nice because you can open it in either direction. I'm just going to thread it through my jump ring. Close my clasp back up. And there you go. You have a bottle cap necklace using an epoxy sticker. Go to for all of your beading supplies needs!

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