How to Make Beaded Link Chain With Wire Loops

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Designer: Alexandra Smith
Skill Level: Beginner
In this video, you will learn how to incorporate beads into chain using wrapped wire loops and simple wire loops by attaching the wire wraps onto chain links before closing the wraps. You will also see how to create a chain out of beads using wrapped wire loops and simple wire loops.
Audio Transcript
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hi this is Alexandra with beadaholique beaded chain link with wrapped wire loops and simple wire loops so you can see here we have a couple of projects that we've made the Sakura shine necklace and the mint sprig necklace and both of these have incorporated beads into chain for the neck portion using wrapped wire loops between the chain sections so I'll show you how to do that I'm going to cut some 22 gauge craft wire and create my wrapped wire loop and keeping in mind wherever I place it on the tool is how big the loop is so that I like to match the two sides together as I'm working just straighten this up a little with my other pliers Tang and I now ready to put on my bead here create my other side and what I'm gonna do before I coil the wrap closed is latch it onto my chain link and then close it up and that's what I want to remember to do as I'm connecting these pieces is not coil until I've latched it on so I'm going to create another wrap and start to link these pieces together into a beaded chain before I coil I'll go ahead and latch on to the end link of my cable chain wrap my wire this is stiff wire so I'm gonna go ahead and grip with my other tool to get it tighter closure there I usually use 24 gauge wire for average wrap projects this is 22 so that it's a little easier to see but my bead on start my other wrap and before I close it I'm gonna latch it on to my teen and coil yeah so that's how these were done incorporating the beads into chain and then attaching the wrap in the same fashion onto the pendant before coiling it shut and that's what Rachel's done here and now you can also do the same thing with simple wire wraps simple wire loops rather so I have two of those prepared and one more that I'm going to create a beaded chain here with start beaded chain so i'm gonna angle the wire off for my simple wire loop cut it and as i would normally and now before i fasten it said i'm gonna angle off to the side hook it on to my previous simple wire loop and close it as i would a jump ring and then to connect the other one i do the same thing where i just opened it as i would a jump ring and latch it on and close it as i would a jump ring so that's the same way that you would incorporate those into chain as i did here just opening and shutting as you would a jump ring to link them onto the chain links and then to create a similar beaded chain out of these i will do one more wrap inbetween to latch those beads together give you an idea of what it looks like to have all of those wrap directly to each other you can make some really pretty beaded chain link with combinations of colors and sizes i love to work with semi-precious stones myself these are chinese faceted glass beads there we go just gonna latch that on and now I've started that betta Ching nice clean professional artistic look really fun so there you are how to make beaded chain link with wrapped wire loops and simple wire loops these project bundles and all these materials are available at you

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