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Hi, this is Julie with today can be a focal piece or they can be an embellishment i what's nice about this one we are using a tierracast maker's collection pagoda cord end as our cap so it has this really nice loop at the top you can easily put a jump ring through so what you're going to need for this project is of course the cord end so i've got this one right here and this one fits an eight millimeter cord that's the inner diameter of the well then we're going to need some three millimeter ultra microfiber suede and then some e6000 glue and those are your core supplies now in terms of tools you're going to need a pair of scissors post a note and some type of applicator for your glue and just some tape from home so let's begin so to start what we're going to do is we're going to rough cut our suede and I say rough cut because there's no point precisely cutting this to begin with because you'll just have to go back and trim it later and we need 12 pieces about two-and-a-half three inches long each so I'm just going to eyeball it and cut 12 pieces so one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve and so if you do the math twelve pieces about three inches long each you're going to need about 36 inches for one tassel and in this particular spool you get three yards you could do three tassels with this spool so I'm going to set these aside of course you can make the tassels longer or shorter whatever you like but for this one here we're going to do about three inches so now we're going to take our piece of tape and you need actually three pieces of tape so the first one that we want is a little bit longer strip about eight inches or so we're just going to lay that on our table you'll notice I'm working right on my work table versus having a nice cloth because I do need this tape to stick to it then I'm going to need two pieces of tape about an inch and a half long each and then I can set my tape a side and what I want to do is I want to actually sew the sticky side is up on this long strip and now the sticky side on the short strips is facing down and I'm taping the ends of this long strip to the table itself and that's going to give me a really nice sturdy platform to work off of now I'm just going to go ahead and lay my strips into my tape starting at least a half an inch from the edge of where the securing tape starts and I want to lay them at least a half an inch into the tape so here's my tape line and about half an inch now I'm going to lay the next one right next to it but leaving a small little not even a millimeter gap okay they're all set you can see they're not terribly even don't worry about it press it into place now go ahead take off the one end of securing tape and trim this so it's about half an inch and fold over at half an inch onto your first couple cord links and then we're going to go ahead trim this one so there's about I'm going to say it inch and a half or so and now what we're going to do is we're just going to roll our tape so we're going to just carefully make a tight roll and we wanted to try to make sure that we don't go askew with this roll you know sometimes when you're rolling paper you end up with like a longer tube of it because it just goes to skew we're going to try to go pretty straight so that all of our ends line up okay so I finished my roll and now I'm just going to keep rolling into that extra tape over so this is what we have now all of our tassels are kind of going in every direction that just kind of happens if you just kind of work with them you can straighten them out a little bit but they do kind of fly out there and just part of the design so now I want to trim this to expose the end of my cut pieces because those are going to need to adhere to the glue which I'm soon going to put in the well of my cord end so go ahead and trim it so it's about a quarter of an inch from the bottom tape line and I'm just cutting right through all of that so that's what we've got and now we've exposed the suede I did not just want a glue tape take your e6000 and put some on a post note or scrap piece of paper we're going to take an applicator we're going to try to get that glue down into the base of the well and rub it around the sides I'm definitely do try to get it into the bottom of the well not just the sides because the sides are going to be the tape and the top part here which will go to the bottom of the well is going to be the actual suede so now fit that piece into your cord in and push it all the way and there you go so this is what we have so far and now it's time to trim our tassel ends you can wait until this dries if you want probably a good idea but for the purpose of the video I want to complete this project for you so just hold the ends you can decide how long you want these to be and then just cut through them and look at what you've got always do more trimming or whatever you like but you do now have a really pretty ultra suede tassel that was quick and easy to put together and you can now apply it to your jewelry projects and you can find the supplies for these tassels and more at you

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