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Hi, this is Julie with and i checked necklace so this is kind of a little bit of this a little bit of that and i'm gonna put all of them on a ball chain so a lot of freedom with this type of design but what I have in front of me are little tokens so the tokens these little screw eye pins and these great little bottles are all part of the Tim Holtz ideology line that we carry at beadaholique a nice little accent pieces it could be focal you can combine a lot of them together just a lot different things you can do with them and then down here I have a Nunn design antler charm and I also have another Nunn design flower charm that I've actually added a translucent milky glaze to using vintaj patinas and I have another video on i've also pulled some jump rings what's nice about this type of project is i'm not too worried about what finish i'm going to be using so any finished jump ring would really work so I just have one here that's kind of a neutral and then I went outside and then I found some dried flowers on the sidewalk so I'm gonna put them in the little bottle terms of tools you're going to need the couple pairs of chain nose pliers to open your jump rings and if you are doing something like the dried flowers a pair of scissors so that's begin first I'm going to pick a bottle a couple different shapes here so I like this one this more flat shape and I'm going to put a screw eye pin in it so that I can then easily hang it from the necklace to do that just go ahead and put the eye pin in the middle of the cork topper press and screw so keep pressing down as you're screwing there we go and now I'm gonna take the cork out and I'm gonna put some flowers inside if you have some moss that always looks really interesting in bottles a lot of different things you can do dried leaves or whatever it may be so I'm going to take my chain nose pliers and just go ahead and insert these into the bottle little petite seashells are actually really pretty too or sand a lot of different things you can do just grab one more little sprig okay there we go when I put the cork back on and the cork is on these fit really nicely so you don't have to use glue you could if you know whatever you put in here is what you're gonna want to have permanently in there you could put a little bit of glue up on the rim here and have it extra secure but that's pretty tight I'm not too concerned so these tokens have different sayings so you can pick one that you like and I think the travel one here is going to be perfect for this necklace and then I'm gonna grab my antler and I'm gonna grab this little charm that are already decorated so that's my collection and I've got my ball chain and I'm going to attach a jump ring to all of these except for the bottle this is a fun project if you have some miscellaneous charms at home that you just don't know what to do with but you really like you can put them together in a little collection I think an arrow charm would be great feather charm anything like that for this type of found object design there we go and I'm just gonna rotate my cork so that that little loop is facing this way so when I string it on the bottle is gonna face forward no particular order you need to string these on in so I'm just going to go ahead put the ball chain through the jump ring and just keep doing that for all of these guys they're all on they're all facing forward so this is what we've gotten I'll just slide them down towards the center this is a nice long ball chain so I'll hang down and then if you're not familiar with how to go ahead and latch the ball chain this is the clasp up here you just put the end ball in the center and then pull it and that's going to secure it these go down more towards the center now you'll see what we ended up with so just a fun little necklace with a lot of little doodads but an interesting focal and again a lot of flexibility with what you could put in your bottle what type of charm you want to choose what's saying you want just a fun design quick and easy and you can find all the supplies for it at you

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