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Hi, this is Julie with and turn it into an earring so i've done an example here and let me show you what the actual pendant itself looks like it's pretty darn cool so it's got really dynamic facets they're asymmetrical so it's a really edgy modern pendant and it was designed by Sean Paul Gautier so really cool fashion statement right here and I'm going to show you how to turn it into a pair of earrings so you're going to be using of course the caput pendant and then some silver filled 26 gauge dead soft wire now dead soft means it is really flexible and easy to bend it's lovely lovely lovely to work with so I've measured myself out 24 inches of it and this is what it looks like when you purchase it and you can buy all the supplies for this project at so you'll need the pendant and the wire and then also a silver filled earring hook and have a really pretty long elegant one right here so those are your supplies now in terms of your tools some really basic tools a pair of cutters a wire looping plier or a round nose plier I really like the wire looping pliers and a pair of chain nose pliers so let's begin we're done with the wire cuz I already pre-cut my 24 inches I'm gonna go ahead and take it and thread it through the hole at the top of the pendant and you can just see how pretty that pendant is so go ahead and thread through about three to four inches and then bring both ends of the wire to the top of the pendant like so take the short wire which is coming out the front and wrap it around the long wire and you want to make two to three wraps and I'm actually just twisting the pendant itself to do my wrapping so very easy once you've got several wraps that end will now be secure and you can trim off the tail so I'm just taking my cutter putting it right up against the tail and trimming off that short tail so that piece is done so now we're left with one piece of wire take your round nose pliers or your wire looping so why are the pink liars are really cool if you haven't seen them before they have one round nose and one concave nose and that concave nose is actually going to bend the wire for you and do half the work so put it right up against your wrappings and squeeze the handle and you can see how it just bent that wire for us so then keeping it squeezed pull the wire down rotate the pliers so they're on top and now you can go ahead and wrap your long tail around the stem there right where that other wrapping is now I like the wire looping pliers because it allows me to actually hold on to this piece which is nice I have a nice good grip so now I'm gonna do a couple wraps while still holding that top and then I'm going to remove my pliers so I've got that nice loop now I want to just do some nice neat and tidy wraps all the way around the top to cover the majority of that large hole so that's a really nice large hole if you wanted to just hang this from a piece of chain like put a nice size jump ring in there and hang it from a premade chain that'd be a great application for this pendant but for the earrings I don't really want to see that big hole so now I'm just going to carefully wrap the wire around the top and at the beginning you want to pay attention that your loop is still straight up and in line with the hole so that you know it's not off-kilter and I'm going very slowly and just rapping I'm sure it's properly oriented and continue with your rapping and I am just twisting the pendant find it a little easier to do it this way before I go any further I want to make sure that my loop is straight up and down and I can see this curving a little bit forward so I'm just gonna go ahead take my chain nose and bend it back so now it is straight up and down and then just continue twisting the pendant and turning it and laying one nice neat wrap under the next one so I'm just following the line and what's interesting is because of the asymmetrical design of the caput pendant my wrapping is not going to be perfectly straight so you see it is curving a little bit because this edge is actually higher than this edge and that's fine I like that look I'm gonna keep going and you see how I'm covering that hole and what I want to do is I want to go just far enough that that hole is almost entirely covered but not a hundred percent so right here you can barely see it but there's a little bit of that hole still show so I have a little bit of extra wire here I'm going to cut it off so I have a shorter tail so you remember I measured 24 inches to begin with I probably could have gotten away with 20 so take the tail of your wire and we're going to feed it through that hole we're going to come out the other side make sure your wrappings are still nice and tight just pulling it through and there we go and now once it's off the other side we're just gonna trim the tail so if you want you can make it go off to the side a little bit just to anchor it better and push it down into place there we go we have a nice neat wrapping and now all we have to do is attach the earring hook so you'll take the your chain nose pliers and you're going to open the loop at the base of the earring hook the same way you would open a jump ring so just twist it slide it on to your top loop and then twist it back in place to close it there we go and now we have a very pretty pair of wire wrapped earrings featuring Swarovski crystals could put pendant designed by Jean Paul Gautier and you can find all the supplies for this project as well as many more at you

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