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Hi, this is Julie with and i just thought it was so cool and be fun to do in a video because it's actually really quick and easy to put together but it creates a really dramatic fashion statement now i'm going to be making the matching earring so of course you double your supplies but what you're going to need is this really cool spiked pendant from Swarovski crystal this is 28 millimeters and it has the black patina on it three open jump rings and these are eight millimeters 20 gauge silver plated an earring hook this is a kidney wire is a 25 millimeter size one and then what's really special about this earring is this guy here this is a vintage Czech glass octagon and it has two holes then in terms of tools all you're gonna need are two pairs of chain nose pliers to open up those jump rings so let me show you how to do this very easy so if you're not familiar with an open jump ring puzzle slit at the top you're gonna want to make sure that is facing up and away from you and grab the jump ring on either side with your pairs of pliers and twist to open it and then this case we're going to twist pretty wide because we want to get it linked on to the spike pendant so we're just gonna put it through the hole and then before we close that hole we're also going to link it on to the bottom hole on the octagon and then we're going to close it up the same way we open it just by twisting it back in place you just want to make sure those two ends line up and then we're going to go ahead and open another jump ring in this one we're going to link to the top hole of the octagon as well as a closed second jump ring there we'll actually it's the third one we've used in this project close it back up and then we just open up the ear wire and slide it on and let it rest down at the base and close it back up and we have completed our earrings so a really pretty pair of earrings very very easy to make and quite fashionable and fun you can find the supplies for these earrings as well as others at you

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