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hi i'm fernando silva I'm the creative director of John bead and i'm here at the beadaholique headquarters in california to teach you how to create this beautiful necklace using lucite sheng interrupts flatbacks you're going to get this beautiful statement piece but very light weight around your neck you're going to love it okay we are here today to create a triple strand necklace with lucite chain we're going to be using chain that comes already pre section in 16 each inch of species and this collection is from the bridge on bead and it's called tropical punch the tropical punch collection comes in 16 13 different colors and we're going to be using a kind of like a green mint green chain that it's resemble very it's very sure babe spring summer color and then we're going to be using another one that's like a opposite like a little more darker green in a white one just to create that really nice texture of colors and shades and to make this necklace a little more glamorous than to personalize increase add a little touch of sophistication we're going to glue some butterflies eight millimeters flat back butterflies and christo eb and we're going to glute also some flat bags ssj2 any on black diamond color our components are finding this matter of finders will be pretty much jump rings and lobster clasps first thing I'm going to do is to prepare the surface that I'm going to be gluing the crystals and to do that with this personal particular type of product i will be using some wipes that you can buy any type of drug store and what we're going to be doing is pretty much like you may want to make sure that the chain has no oils or any anything that might make it difficult for for the glue to adhere to the products so we just do it like we just unpack these from the bag so I know that they are they're pretty much clean but just in case I'm just going to use the wipes like I said just to make sure that everything is ready to go ok I'm going to be using e6000 this is not instant glue you have true there is a five min it's time to work on it and after that we recommend that you wait 24 hours to really start wearing your piece but this is the best blue so it doesn't frost the crystals and we're not going to use a lot just going to use a little little dad what I'm going to be doing I'm going to pretty much place a little dab of the glue and i'm going to start from the from this end of the chain and i'm going to just I'm going to place the butterflies I want them to be a little bit slightly placed on the edge on the curve of the chain so I'm going to add a little bit of green this one and then we're going to skip one link and then I'm going to add another dab of here another def on this link I can do I like to do three at a time and then I'm going to be using the crystal katana pick up to to place my butterfly a reality you could use a tweezers like when you're working with this butterflies this flat bags are eight millimeter so it's okay if use a pair of tweezers to pick up your butterflies because it's considered really big and it just sit the butterfly in each direction we want I like to play with them so they're not totally like they don't need to be straight I like to place them sideways on each curve of the link of the chain so I start here from the left to the right so where I skip one link so i glue one second third then I'm going to skip another one then we're going to add more glue skip this one and a little dab of glue here this one I have three and then that's do the last one make sure the chain of our position in the way that you know they're like they're not flipping once you glue your birthstone another going to fly this butterflies like I said before are all crystal a being so had that nice shimmer of color net aurora borealis what the hell is a fact then what you can do you can flip the crystal katana and use the metal part just to make sure that the crystal are in touch completed with the surface of your chain okay then this is the first one that I'm going to leave that on the side and then we're going to start crystallizing the second chain that is the green the darker green chain on the dark green chain to make it really nice and laid properly I'm going to cut we're going to lose three true links of the chain and this chain is really nice nicely built but it's not difficult to cut it you just have choose a pair of pliers or you can even cut with our own fingers you can always keep this link to do a pair of earrings create a different design and on the green chain we're going to be doing pretty much the same but we're going to skip we're going to glue two little crystals flat backs on each of the links of the chain again we're going to need glue I'm going to add a little more just pose more blue here on this white card and then use a toothpick to add that glue in some key sections on this chain i'm going to just do like more like in the middle of each side of the chain so you can put each edge of the changes add a little bit of the glue again now you get again your crystal katana pick up your crystal and then place on your chain this color is black diamond is going to create really nice data nice really a combo with the clear crystal a be in both colors of the green make sure the lengths are the links of the chain all placed properly so we don't glue in the wrong side you want to glue on the transparent click or clear side of the check so we're going to skip this one and then the next one is going to be this one so you have you skip one then improve the first one skip a second one and then another two more crystals when you're working with crystals it does require very thin as you need to have like light hands to glue it properly and the amount of glue it's always much less than you expect one more survives King oh and by the way these are also asked flatbacks then we're going to repeat again I'm going to continue as you can see i am almost done with my dark green chain i had two crystals on both edge opposite edge of each link every other link of the chain and i'm almost ready to I'm almost done so I'm going to glue for more crystals this links the next one glue then I'm going to get glue ready on this next one I'm not measuring really I'm just eyeball eyeballing where I'm placing my crystals I don't think that's necessary but if you feel like you want that perfection you can always just like a sharp pain and do measuring and now and me in creating like a little mark and glue on top of it also you can I usually don't use beating board but if you want make sure that everything lays properly you can with a building boil to make sure that the three strains of chain are laid properly or are like balanced in terms of like symmetrical no sighs but here you have second one so we're going to have the green the mint green of the light green on the outside this is going to be in the mirror and then we're going to finish off at the third strand of lucite chain as the the white one so I'm going to move this one here so it lay it the glue start working and on this white chain we're going to just I'm not going to glue any christos you could like you could ask me and say okay yeah why you didn't add I could add more crystals yes but just I believe that sometimes less is more so in this case we want the true side chain to be the highlight with little types of sparkles by with the Swarovski crystals so on this fourth third strand of chain what I'm going to do is only break because you want them to lay properly and this is going to be the third strand of check so I'm Jonah is going to break like remember I broke two links on the dark green on the white one we're going to need for links so i'm going to count one two three four and then we're going to break this link here and you can use a pair of pliers or you can break oops and on this one you're going to have like three piece no left that like I said before you can always keep it on your stash for a second design so since we have already add our crystals usually out let it sit for one hour before I start you know finish the design but in this case we're going to do it now I believe that it's ready to go so I'm going to add the jump rings we're going to use this 20 millimeter jump rings and this jump rings although the thickness the gauge is really nice and substantial they are fairly soft so they are fairly easy to open just you don't need necessarily a pair of pliers you can use it but like you see I can open them just with my terms so I'm going to add first the green I'm going to touch the the green the light green chain first then I'm going to add the dark green and the third edition is going to be the white one and you can always play with the colors if you like to have the white one the the white comes also in this with so you can add maybe you can have the thicker chain being the white you can play with this the the different size and diameters of the chain I decided to have the thickest one as the ball and chain is the light green and we're going to use for jump rings on each side of the chain and then we're going to add a small section kind of like this extension section create with is mod jump rings 8 10 millimeters jump rings and one lobster clasp so I add all four jump rings on this side on the pretty much like this is the left side and then I'm going to repeat the same with the other side the opposite side of the chain like I said the jump rings are good enough that you can close their opening closed in properly just without using a pair of pliers but you can always use a regular pair of flat pliers and then you can use a jaw nylon jaw pliers so we don't scratch the jump rings so here you have your necklace pretty much like the base or the main look of your necklace and then we're going to just add a small like 10 millimeter lightweight jump rings to create to this extension chain and add a jump ring a lobster clasp sorry on this one I'm going to use a pair of pliers to open i'm going to use i'm going to touch the lobster clasp and then this one I'm going to add to this side just with one lobster clasp just with one jump ring on this side we're going to create i'm going to add like five you can add as many as one but i'm going to add five is more jump ring so you can kind of like play with the length as you you want so let's do this one here and you add a second jump ring don't panic everything's going to be okay make sure you close your jump ring properly so if it's flush thurs jump ring so here you have your very cool hope you like it and um you can play like an SAT with the length of your piece and here you have it so as you move you know of course the chain is going to flip back and forth but that's the beauty of it because this those beautiful crystals will catch the light and you're going to have a very nice lightweight and cooling fabulous and fun and glamorous spring/summer necklace you

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