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Hi, this is Julie with see i'm going to show you how to color it with a transparent resin dye and then also how to embed objects into it so a couple different things to cover technique-wise in this video so like I mentioned before we're gonna be using in via text jewelry clay this is a self hardening two part epoxy clay so you don't have to bake it or do anything else to cure it other than just let it dry overnight I have a bezel setting it's a nice deep bezel by Amati Studios then I've got a nun design hummingbird charm and some Swarovski crystal chatons and then for my colorant I'm using Caston craft transparent blue dye and then for tools I have a magical pick a pair of cutters and some gloves so first off we're going to cut off the loop of our hummingbird charm very easy to do just snip it off and set it aside so that is ready to go and we're actually done with our cutters for this project now you always want to wear gloves when you're working with the jewelry the jewelry play one pair of gloves does come with your clay but you get so much clay and you can see we've actually already used a bit of this that you're going to want to invest in some extra gloves and they're very inexpensive we keep a couple boxes of a hundred pairs in the office here so here we're going to open it up as you can see we've already used some and it's great because it come in these tubs they are very nice to just close the lid on and seal and use for another time so this is very easy to just use a little and keep the rest for later so to get equal parts the easiest way to go about that is to make a little ball that is approximately half the amount you think you're going to need for your project that looks about right and then you're going to make a matching ball from the other tub so equal parts of a and B line them up okay well I need to pinch off some the curing process for this clay does not begin until the two clays are mixed so you can do this for as long as you need to to get the right measurements then once they are mixed you'll have a couple hours of working time and then you'll want to let it cure overnight so take your balls squish them together you can see this is very soft it's also quite sticky and it's gonna become more sticky the more you work with it so at this point you see we got a lot of marbling happening a lot of striations the goal is have a nice uniform color and the color is just going to be a kind of a neutral matte bone color what we're gonna then do is we're gonna add the dye to color it but that's actually kind of nice because you get so much of this clay and you can make so many different projects with it that you can color all the different you know projects you're going to make a different color just with a different dye or pigment that way you don't have to buy different colors of clay so nice actually that starts just as a neutral I am going to be using a transparent dye which is going to give it more of a faded washed out look but you could of course use an opaque dye as well okay so I'm just blending it together and that looks good to me so after you've blended it together you're gonna add your dime and you want to start off with as little as possible to begin with and then add more as needed to get your desired color so let's just try to do a drop okay and this is going to get real messy so I can already tell I want it to be a little bit darker so I'm going to add another drop now when you're working with a small amount of clay and this is not the smallest amount of clay in the world but it's not a large amount either you want to be careful that you don't add too much of the liquid colorant because it might affect its curing process it might not actually end up as a nice hard cure in the end if you add too much liquid to this and actually we're pretty close to the color I want I just want something really subtle in the background for my hummingbird yeah I like that color something that would look good with a pair of jeans just a nice denim okay so now we're gonna keep rolling it until all the color variation is gone unless of course you want that marbled look you could leave some of the streaks in there okay so now we're gonna go ahead and roll it so that it mimics the shape of our bezel we have a nice long oval doesn't have to be exact but if we do get an approximate shape to start with it will save us some effort here in a little bit and then just press it into place and then I'm going to try to find a finger that didn't have a lot of the clay on it already because this is actually pretty sticky at this point you could just change your gloves as well but I want to smooth out my clay what I'm doing is I'm really not applying any pressure I'm just letting my finger slide over the top of the clay if I was to apply pressure I would end up dragging the clay which is not what I want I just want to smooth out my fingerprints there we go take my gloves off and I'll just dispose them okay so now I'm going to put my hummingbird in my pendant I'm just going to grab this little guy line it up where I want him and carefully press him down into place I've got my magical pic here that may use for my rhinestones but I can also just go ahead and use it to help secure him now I'm going to take my crystals pick them up with the magical pick and just set them down into the clay wherever I want them to be you can do a random pattern you can use more crystals than this you actually get quite a few crystals when you order them so this was just a partial amount that I had here so do as many or as few as you want and put them wherever you want just gotta turn them right side up to be able to grab them well if you've done this before you know that you'll spend some time turning them the right way take a look at what you've got and see if you like it if you want to add a few more I actually kind of really like that simple and subtle there we go and he is done now I don't need to bake him he doesn't need to have any other adhesive added to keep him in the hummingbird in place or the stones in place this pendant is ready to go you can find the envirotec jewelry clay that dyes the stones the charms pendants and everything else you need to do projects just like this at you

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