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Hi, this is Kat with punch slider beads now this is just a really fun simple project and it provides this nice kind of chunky look so it's definitely a showstopper so I'm just going to show you how to do this and a couple easy steps in this video here so to do this you're going to need some of the tropical punch slider beads now in each package you'll get four slider beads but you'll notice that for my bracelet here which is a 7 inch bracelet you'll need two packages because you'll need that fifth one on each so you'll have it a little left over so if you wanted to make something else you can do that as well I'm also going to be using the beadsmith opal on stretch jewelry fiber and I need a pair of scissors and that's it so let's go ahead and get started so go ahead and remove your slider beads from your package can account supplied mine out there and again you're going to need about five of each to make this seven inch bracelet and I just chose some really fun colors I have this orange kind of peachy color and then I have my blue color so you'll notice that the beads have a little bit of a shape to them and the coating on each side is just a little bit different there's one that has a little bit more of a solid color and one that's a little bit more lucite so you can kind of decide but I like it sort of fit along the wrist however you like just make sure that they're all going in the same way and the same with these guys you'll see it compared next to each other that one's a little bit more coated and one has that little bit more of a lucite finish so I want that lucite finish to show on the outside to give it that nice shimmery style okay so now what you're going to do is you're going to take your opal on and sort of cut off I'd say about two feet and you're gonna need two strands for this go ahead and set that aside so to begin just take one of your slider beads and there's a little hole in the top and you'll just slide your fiber all the way through and then I'm just gonna slide through one of the orange beads that I have here there we go and you'll notice that they kind of fit together really nicely and you're just going to continue in that same manner to add all of your beads and last one so now I have all of my beads strung on that top strand going through that top there so now what I'm going to do and I'll show you quickly what I did on this one is you'll notice that there are two going through each that I've done there and that's just because I wanted to loop it around to give it a little bit more structure because not that these are heavy but they are fairly large so you want to give that fiber that extra support that it's going to need and you don't really see it anyway so that's sort of nice so to repeat that just take your tail and now you're going to carefully go back through all the top of those beads and this will be that sort of second loop and you'll see that they'll kind of start to come together here just make sure not to pull out your original tail end over here as you're working so I'm just going to finish up these last two beads and my last one here so now my two ends are coming out here so now what I'm going to do is just kind of scooch all of this together and make sure that I've got my threads nice and tight coming around and now I'm just gonna go ahead and type my overhand knot and tie those down nice and tight and just for good measure I'm going to do another knot and now for my not there I'm just gonna clip off those ends and that's sort of the first part and you'll see in the second part you'll just repeat that same process going around in the bottom which will be a little trickier now that they're all nice and splayed out for you but same process you just go ahead and take it and go through all those slider beads and now I'm gonna just go back around and I'm actually gonna use the others tail because it's a little bit longer here and I'm just going to go back around this way and you'll see it's starting to close up already okay and going through that last bead right there meeting up with my other end right here so again just take your two and tie that overhand knot make sure it's nice and tight and for good measure do a nice little double knot now you can add glue there if you want I don't recommend it but you can if you're worried that it's going to come out but usually those ends will just pop right into a bead and you'll never see them so there you go that is a quick and easy project using the tropical punch slider beads and again if you use five beads it'll give you about a seven inch bracelet so I hope you enjoyed this tutorial you can find more colors of the tropical punch line at you

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