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Hi, this is Julie of beat Halik and in this video I'm going to teach you how to make the witch's broom earring so this was designed by one of our talented designers Carlin and I love it it is so fun I think we all said it was one of the best uses of a tassel that we've ever seen so this is not very hard to make but it looks fantastic so if you are looking for an elegant fall or Halloween accessory maybe you're a huge fan of Harry Potter like I am or just love witches in general this is a really cool piece of jewelry and very different so you're not going to need that many supplies you're gonna need this great twig piece which is available at beetle Holly you gonna need some craft wire this is 26 gauge and it's in gold plate a gold plated earring hook and a pre-made tassel so those are gonna be your supplies and you're also gonna need some glue and this is really just an extra measure you probably could get away without it but I'm gonna use some you'll see how in the end of the video and then my three very favorite tools that I use time and again a pair of chain nose pliers a pair of wire looping pliers and a pair of flush cutters so you probably see these same three tools in just about every video I make so let's start by cutting ourselves some wire so we're going to need two lengths of wire they need to be about 12 inches long each and you can just eyeball this one and this craft wire so it's inexpensive if you want to have a little bit more to work with go for it okay so we're gonna start by creating the bottom broom portion where you actually see the tassel so let's go ahead and remove one tassel from the Strand that it comes on so when you buy premade tassels they come on a strand like this with a center thread we're going to want to scoot one away from the others to separate it out and then we're gonna actually want to pull down this wrapping just a little bit so I'm taking my fingernails I'm just tugging on that Center wrapping just a little bit and that's to expand this hole or this core so when we pull it off of the string we're gonna be able to slip our wire through it and pull it down just a little bit more there we go loosen that up let's go ahead and pull it off and we're going to slip our wire through the center so there's a little hole it might be a little hard to see on camera here I'm just gonna take our wire and push it all the way through there we go now if you want you can pull that wrapping back up towards the top or leave it as is and now we're going to wrap our twig so you see I have an end here that's about three inches we're just gonna line up the top of the tassel with the base of the twig we're gonna wrap the short wire around first and now we're going to wrap the long wire and we're going to do a messy bird's nest type wrapping for this one so this is what we have so far and I've just wrapped it around go ahead take that short wire tuck it across the wires that you've already wrapped and trim it off now we want to take the long wire and go over that tail end of that wire so it gets tucked inside and now we're just going to do some messy wrappings I love messy wrappings even on jewelry that uses crystals and gemstones I think messy wrapping is so fun so you can even you see there's a little gap right there you can even take your wire go through the gap pull it okay there we go now turn it to the backside take your wire go through some of the wrappings I just tucked it under and pull and now I'm going to trim it and we're going to go back and we're going to secure this with glue so we just want that edge tucked in there now we've got the base of our broom now we're going to do the top part I'll render this one not just a wee bit differently so up here we're going to make the wrappings a little bit neater so just go ahead start with your wire and just do some wraps now take this tail again we're going to want to tuck it so I'm tucking it up actually and now I'm going to go over it I'm going to trim off this tail and make some nice tight wraps again and then I want my wire exiting the top of the room as if it's sprouting out the handle now I'm going to take my wire looping plier and I'm going to create a wrapped wire loop up here so I'm just going to take my wire looping pliers and I just basically crimped it I squeeze the handles go ahead grab it at the top and then we're making a wrapped wire loop just a couple of wrappings and now I want to go back and I want to take this tail end and wrap it some more around the top of that branch and now I'm going to take this trim it I'm going to take my pliers and just tuck that in so it's laying right up against it that's not going to poke anyone and then you want your loop to be facing you because when we put on the earring hook we want my shirt hangs properly we're gonna open the base of the earring hook the same way you'd open a jump ring and we're just going to slip it now through that loop and close it back up and now we've got our earring it is finished but I want to add a little bit of glue so I've got a plastic bag I'm going to flip it upside down so it's laying with the right side towards the baggy and I've got gs hypo cement and I chose this glue because of its applicator tip you see how narrow that is and how they'll get into really tight spots so I'm just going to go ahead and put a little bit of glue on top of my wires just so that it's touching the wires and the branch just wherever I can just kind of let it seep in there I don't want to use a lot of glue I'm just looking to add just a little bit of extra security it's like here you can see a little gap between the wire and the branch just go ahead and squeeze a little bit of glue in there let it seep down and then right up here - so not much glue I definitely don't want it to go towards the front of this broom I don't want to see my glue I don't want anyone to really even know it's there I just want it to be just a little extra security since we don't have a hole or anything that we're working with with these earrings to be able to loop our wire through to really secure it so there's the front and then this one needs to dry so I can't flip it back over but that is how you make the witch's broom earrings again these are by our designer Karlin here at you

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