How to Make a Quick and Easy Tassel with Silk Thread

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video learn how to make a quick and easy chain tassel with silk thread. The thread is very soft 100% silk, size F. You will learn how to wind the thread, tie it off, attach a jump ring, secure your tassel, and then finally how to trim it. And the secret tool - a cut piece of cardboard!
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Hi, this is Julie with and size F which is a really nice weight for tassel making so we're going to be using it for that purpose for this video but there's a lot of different jewelry making applications that you can use this for so let me first look at a couple of colors and then I'm going to show you a little trick for making a tassel so this is this beautiful plum purple we have a wonderful royal blue and just look at that shine and it is so soft and so flexible this is just really very liquidy and buttery in your hand a very very nice feel to it so we got this wonderful like almost like a deep rose maroon a raspberry pink a nice red black white lovely golden color right here and just that shine I just love Navy so you're doing something with these three colors that would be so beautiful a nice gray really pretty like light blue turquoise and then a green so a lot of colors to choose from whether you're making tassels or doing something else with it so to make a tassel with this method you are going to need some cardboard so I cut out a beadaholique shipping box portion and so make this as long as you potentially want your tassel to be so I wanted to show you this method for tassel making because long tassels are really popular and very on-trend but sometimes it can be a little hard to make a long tassel so if you're using the cardboard method you can make it absolutely as long as you want so just cut your piece of board accordingly you're going to need a five millimeter jump ring and a couple chain nose pliers to open that jump ring you're gonna want to open it ahead of time I'm just gonna open this guy up and then you're also going to want a pair of scissors to cut your and I recommend a tweezer as well so we're gonna do a purple one and we're just gonna unwind this you can make your tassels not only as long as you want but as thick or thin as you want as well there we go so find your end and you're gonna hold it against your board and you're gonna wind it around and around and you see when you're making a really long one like this it does take a lot more silk but if you were making a short little one it really women go ahead cut it off and then cut yourself another little length of thread now this is where the tweezer comes in we're gonna take this length and we're just gonna scoot it right under and this is why I like cardboard cuz it's a little bit flexible so right up towards the top we're just going to tie a knot you can rest your board down just a little simple overhand knot and then we're gonna tie another knot cinch that guy down okay now we're gonna take our jump ring which is already open and this is why we already open it didn't have to but it doesn't make life a little bit easier you have two choices you can actually slip this right over your knot or you can just put it on top of it and then you'll eventually slide your knot down I'm just gonna slip it right next to it so it goes under all your strands take my other pair of pliers close it on it like so and now we are ready to pull this off and you can actually bend your board a little bit and it's gonna make it easier to just slide right grab it with your jump ring up top have it like so if you think you're gonna want to open that jump ring make sure the open part is exposed now we're gonna take another length of our silk we're gonna wind it around the top jane fonda winding so you want a nice somehow two wines right there because it does become a little bit of a decorative element okay and this is where I like the tweezers again it does help me to tie another knot I just use them as another extension of my hand tie that knot we're gonna do another one I carry tell I have mourn cord than I needed right there more so more of that thread let's do this again and let's go through it twice just pull it down and then once you've got it you want to pull it really tight okay and what I like to do is I actually just like to let those strands become extra tassel length you can cut them and add some glue if you wanted to or you can go ahead and just let them be it kind of depends like this one's a little short I might cut it just so that all my links are even but then when you do want to cut your tassel you would just go down here and cut it however long you want it so we can make this a really long tassel it almost feels like you're trimming hair that's what this reminded me of when I was making it the first time there's a tassel and I could have made that thicker for sure if I wanted to but for the purpose of this video I didn't want to keep winding and winding but you see we've got all lengths all thicknesses and that was really quick and easy and because you're getting so much you're getting a hundred and forty yards and remember there's three feet to every yard so this is this is a lot you are getting soul so many feet so many yards of this wonderful silk thread and that is how you make a quick and easy tassel any length and thickness you want using this lovely silk thread available at you

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