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Hi, this is Kat with i hemo braiding now i was looking to find a nice tutorial for you guys and i couldn't quite find one so i wanted to create a really simple technique something that wasn't too complicated to get this really fun little focal look here now if you're unfamiliar with kumihimo it is a braiding technique that uses this lovely little disk here and you have your cord and I've used seed beads in mine and then you have these little bobbins that sort of help you braid at this beautiful bracelet and if you're interested head over to look under our beading resources and we have a great kumihimo 101 page so you can learn how to do this fun technique but for this video here I'm gonna be showing you how to do that knot in the center so I have a couple of pieces here of paracord to sort of simulate my kumihimo now this is let's say we'll call that the teal and this is the coral so you can kind of just see how that's gonna work out here so first things first you're going to take one of your cords and bend it in half just to bring those ends together and then you're going to do the same with your second one so now we have these two loops so go ahead and set them to the side and what you're going to do is you're gonna look here and I'm just gonna thread it through one side so it kind of goes up and over now the gold cord I'm going to take the ends and sort of bring them through that Center little loop there and bring them up and over the top so you can kind of see that it's now going through and up and over the top so now all I want to do to get that knot is just pull those two ends together and now I have my little nut and what's really fun is if you wanted the gold on top you just let it face this way or if you wanted the blue on top you just twist it and let it face that way so kind of fun little little technique so I'm gonna show you really quickly one more time so from the beginning you just take your cord bend it in half take your other Kord and bend it in half and you can do this going either way but you're just gonna cross it over put those two ends through and you'll notice that I'm keeping all of my cords parallel just like so so now you just pull it to create your knot and just make sure all your ends are nice and even to continue finishing off your bracelet and you just kind of glue it into your back half there and you have a lovely little square knot so just something really fun it creates a nice little focal adds some interest to your beautiful beaded kumihimo I hope you enjoyed this video you can get all of the supplies seen here and you'll see even more tutorials and videos over at you

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