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Hi, this is Kat with i here is I have a 22 millimeter Swarovski crystal and as you can see it's got that beautiful gold patina on it to add a little interest and then the only findings that we're going to be using our two jump rings and these are seven millimeter and 19 gauge and this is a really long necklace so I have not included a clasp but you're welcome to do so if you choose this is a three millimeter cable chain and this is a beautiful gold plating so it's going to get a really nice bright gold so I have three feet of my chain and like I said this might feel a little long to you so feel free to adjust it as needed but I'm going to go ahead and find my two ends here and the only tools that you'll need are a couple pairs of chain nose pliers so very simply what I'm going to do is take a jump ring and gently twist it to open it and I'm going to slip on both ends of my chain just like so and now I'm just going to close that jump ring up make sure it is nice and flush you can always give it just a little pinch on the side just to make sure so this is what I have now and the only thing that I have left to do is to open a second jump ring slip on my pendant and flip it on to that jump ring close it up again making sure it is nice and flush and that is it that is how easy it is to make a really beautiful long pendant necklace and you can kind of see I have some other pieces here you can see how long this would be it would sort of lay down towards your stomach area if you want something like that or if you wanted it to be a little bit tighter up you're the top you'd get a nice layered look just like that and these other things that I have on my table here just feature a really fun with a palm-tree charm and I have a crystal quartz point and these are just finished chain necklaces and you can find those at if you're looking for that but I wanted to make one that was a little bit longer to sort of complete my look and balance it out so that is how simple and easy it is we have lots of stocky crystals and beautiful focal for you to choose from so be sure to find that and even more supplies at you

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